Saturday, December 26, 2009

My poor baby girl

Has had a rough 24 hours!!! She woke us up with her screaming at 3:45 am and would NOT go to he came and got me....I go in and she started saying "bum, bum" and was off we went to change her bum. Then it was the usual trying to figure out what she wants but not letting her get her own way business...she wants she doesn't....she wants to pee on the potty...she wants to rock...


She finally conked back out about 4:15 and I crawled back into my own bed with DJ already there! Howie was on his way to go fishing, so I put him in Howie's spot and lay there waiting to fall back to sleep! Thankfully DJ didn't get up til 9!! And Samantha was very shortly after that....screaming again!

I go in and she says "bum, bum" again...and yes, she'd pooped again (where else can I talk about poop so freely!?!?) So off we go to change her and when I get her pj's off her legs I notice she's got hives all over her....I quickly took the new-not-washed pj's off her...but not before changing her bum...and I put that bare bum down on the pj's....OY! So while her body is relieving itself of these hives, there are new ones forming on her bum from the pj' poor girl!!!

I gave them both a bath and instead of putting her normal lotion on, I put my Aveeno on her instead. The hives on her bum were NOT going away!!! I took all her new clothes, and DJ's new clothes and put them in the wash! And put clothes from her drawers on....stuff she's used to...

By nap time she was fairly hive-free....she had scratch marks all over her from scratching herself...poor girl!

She did NOT nap well! It was less than an hour!! And when she woke up...she was even more covered in hives!!!!! On her face this time too!!!!

By process of elimination....we think its her new My Pal Puppy....which is really sad to me as you know I've already raved about this toy! But there must be some chemical on it that's just not sitting well with her.

So, we packed her up and took her to Fred Meyer to get some Benedryl...we've never had this problem before now, so we don't have in our cupboards to begin with...or calamine lotion....well, we have both now!!! Thankfully DJ stayed back with Jake and his girlfriend Morgin, who was visiting us for the day....they went to the park and took a walk...

We gave her the benedryl right away in the store and within in 20 mins her face cleared up and wasn't swollen anymore!! Now that's amazing!! It took longer for the rest of her body to feel the effects! And she really felt the effect as she fell asleep on the way home...and woke up right as soon as the truck got turned off! Rascal!

I washed ALL her bedding and the one baby doll she has that's washable, and took everything else if she wakes up with no hives tomorrow, we definitely know it was the My Pal...all I can say is, WOW!! Having never had hives before, it doesn't look like much fun! The welts were quite raised and red hot to the touch!

OH, I got this CUTE photo op....Jake and Morgin sitting on the couch...and DJ trying to make his move! SO cute! If you ask him who HIS girlfriend is, he says Morgin...and if you ask him who Jake's girlfriend is, he says Natali (Jake's mom) so he can have Morgin all to himself! hahaha What a player!!!!

Now, the babies are down for the nite...and Howie and Jake are taking Morgin home....and I'm gonna go watch something other than football or MTV!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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