Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, it didn't get better

In fact, I think it got worse!!!! Samantha's hives that after Howie got home, I hopped in the shower and took her to the E.R. at the local hospital here...the real reason that made me want to go was that she had one on the outside of her *ahem* area...and I know if that was me...I'd be going to see a Dr about it!

She fought the Benedryl tablet at 10 on the way to the hospital it kicked in and she got a cat nap! I think we arrived there shortly after 11 am, and was in the back room at 11:25....not too bad!

The Dr checked her ears, her mouth ad the hives she had...which were rampant on her knees and bum...and super hot, yet she had a normal temp of 97.4....I told him how DJ was sick last weekend, throwing up and fevered, and then a chest cold, which he seems to have recovered from very well thanks to Guaifenesin!! He listened to hear chest from behind and determined that she is in fact fighting some virus as well! She's just having a harder time of it! Poor thing!!

He prescribed some liquid Benedryl and some liquid Zantac and sent us on our way!

We stopped at Fred Meyer and got them filled, and picked up some Aveeno bath additive to help calm her skin down. While we had time to kill, we walked around and ended up getting some reduced bakery bran muffins, which she gobbled down since she hadn't even had breakfast...and a Fuze drink to share. And we waited, and waited and waited!

On my way home I called my BFF as she works in the medical industry and knows quite a bit about meds and whatnot...and asked her about the Zantac...its for why was he giving it to her?? She told me to call the hospital back and ask to speak to the Dr, thinking maybe he meant Zyrtec. As I was talking to her, the hospital called me as they forgot to give back Sam's insurance card! So, while I had them on the line I asked to speak to the Dr. He assured me that he did in fact mean Zantac as it does have anti-histamine in it, and it targets different receptors than the Benedryl does, so combined they should do the trick! Cool...I can understand that!

Boy, she HATES liquid oral meds!!!! It's a fight for sure!!!

She did take a decent nap...and ate a fabulous dinner! Has been drinking fluids no problem! But she's not her normal happy-go-lucky self...she's the dopey version!!! At least the dopey version doesn't squeal as much! LOL

Once dinner was done, they both got bathed....her in the oatmeal, he in a regular bath....and then put to bed! Quite easily too!! DJ'd been out playing this afternoon and had fun!! So he was super tired!! Even yawning in the bath!! Love when he's that tired!

Now, I'm off to watch The Proposal! I rented it for ME!! Knowing Howie was going to bed early for work tomorrow...and Jake's gone back to his mom's...there'd be NO flack for watching a chick flick! Last nite's Moonlight and Mistletoe was so-so...I only wanted to watch it for Candace Cameron-Bure...DJ from Full House....long ago! She's all growed up now! It was nice, but predictable story...meh!

Til next time...ciao!

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