Monday, December 14, 2009

Not ME! Monday

Once again the blog carnival that was started by MckMama is full of confessionals! Head over to her blog to check out all the other Not Me! Mondays that get linked up with her.

Its been a while since I've done a NMM here goes!

I did not give myself a paper (it was really thick paper too!) cut while putting on a sample of J Lo's new perfume Glow...and its really pretty if you like floral type scents. Altho, In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon which is only sold by Avon is MUCH better!!! You can buy it thru me...just gotta plug! lol

I did not go thru yet another panic on Saturday morning when DJ was no where to be found and he was SUPPOSED to be playing outside...he'd gone over to his "neighvor's" house to see if they could play....and about 15 mins later Howie asked me if I knew where our son was...I look out and see nothing. So I go out and call his name 3 times and nothing. I call our neighbour, and she told me "no, I haven't seen him" while she's pulling my leg!! She's one of my blog readers and knew about the Sam incident the day before, so thought she'd be funny....uh huh!! She's a brat!

I did not have a good laugh at my husbands expense when he took the practice written test for a driver's license (we're helping Jake study for his) and FAILED!!!!!!! You're allowed 4 or fewer questions wrong and he got 5!!!! Jake got 3 and I got 2. It was humbling I'm sure! And then I did not immediately sit down and write this blog post just because he said to me "you're not going to blog about it are ya!??!" hahahaha here ya go hon!

I also did not enjoy video taping (with my phone, sorry) the wrestling match between a father and his son, simply because the son wants to see if he can beat dad yet...he can't! I did not have to keep DJ away from trying to join them either!! Boys will be boys...apparently at any age!!!

OK, that's it for now! What's your blunder!??! Have a laugh!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I am going to defend your husband and say those driving tests are HARD! I failed mine when I moved states a few years back, and I was mortified. I swear, the answers in my new home state were DIFFERENT than where I grew up!


  2. Oh I agree!!! If I hadn't taken it 5 years ago, I'd have flunked too! And it is WAY different than what we got taught years ago! The signs are the same, but they've changed distances and knowledge of things we didn't have to know. Even the driving test is a lot different than the one I took at 17!

  3. So...doesn't this mean you've "earned" the right to be able to drive when you two go places??? Ha ha...

  4. You'd think so eh?? Yeah, not likely!!


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