Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waking up to a

Dog puking is definitely NOT on the list of "Best Ways To Wake Up", let me tell you!!! Typically, our dog, Princess Snickers, her full name, is not a pukey dog, by any means! But this morning shortly after 8 I got woken up (after a nite full of wake ups!) by this hacking sound! Snickers, right at my bed side, gagging on whatever she wanted out of her belly! Turns out it was pebbles....think kitty litter size...not sure where she ingested them, but she did! Silly dog!! I now have two lovely yellow bile stains on the carpet at the end of our bed on my side...hope the steam cleaner comes up for a quick visit...there's a couple of cat stains that need attending too!

Well, after letting the dog out of the room, and cleaning up the mess, I tried valiantly to crawl back in to bed, but nothing doing! I was fully wide awake!!! Wondering if the kids had been fed, if Howie had given them cookies again...that sort of thing. So I got up and came out to find Howie and Sam in his chair and DJ lounging on the couch, much like how his brother does. Howie saw me and made a bee line for the bedroom!

You see, Princess Jazzmin (her full name too) scratched enough at our door around 5 am that it woke both of us up...but I'm more deaf on my left side than I am my right side, so I have a HUGE advantage in ignoring the sound...just roll over and sleep on my right side! Howie on the other hand, once he gets woken up, is up. So he got up and let the cat in as he as leaving! By the time I got up, he was more than ready for a nap!

And nap he did!! He didn't get up til 5 of noon! Jake was up long before that and thought it odd his dad was still sleeping! Lunch was a family affair and then we got down to the business of cleaning. We were having company for dinner and since this was their first time seeing the house, we wanted to spruce it up a bit more than the weekly clean it gets!

Once Sam was down for her nap, I made a quick trip in to town to get a few things that were on sale at Freddy's that were done today. Milk being one of them! I then did a really quick stop in Ben Franklin to exchange a wreath card holder I'd gotten back on Black Friday...the one I got was broken....and it turned out that another had just been returned, so she swapped them out and I was out of there before I could go drool on any yarn. Turns out I know WHY the other one was won't stay in the darn thing! GRRRRRRRRR but that does mean I have another trip to see Ben on the horizon...possibly tomorrow...

Dinner was fabulous!!! BBQ pork chops, and I did an apple/squash bake that was YUMMY and scalloped potatoes for the adults and pesto noodles for the three kids...none of them like potatoes unless they're french and fried! After dinner, we got the kids ready for bed and put them down, and played cards. No Hughes won tonite...we got beaten! Me more than Howie or Jake...I don't want to talk about it!

Now, its time to relax! I'll be propping the door open a bit to our room so Princess Priss can come and go as she pleases....the downside to this is, so can Jasper...and he's the kneader!!! And toe biter!!! With it being winter, that's not so much an issue for me....and our room is so frickin cold during he nite, its like sleeping in the fridge!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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