Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even Wonder Woman

Would not have wanted my to-do list for today!!!! Whew!!! I'm surprised I even have the energy to post!!!

Last nite was that Howie went to bed AFTER me...and I couldn't really fall asleep til he was beside that was after 2 am...then I must have had a bad dream cuz we both woke up when I hit him...him a little more nastier than me (rightly so!)...then he tells me Sam's crying....I get up and he tells me she's stopped...He gets out of bed....DJ joins me in bed...and next thing I know, its 8 am! blah!!

DJ, Samantha and I got up and Howie laid down to get some rest! Which wasn't as restful as I'm sure he was hoping! The kids are their noisiest in the mornings! My plan originally was to get out of the house by 9:30...I missed my mark by a half hour!

DJ and I had LOTS to do today! We did 8 "navon" (according to DJ) deliveries of either orders or books for the next campaign....which led us ALL over Lynnwood and back! We stopped for lunch at Walmart (where else?!?!) at the McD's in the store...grabbed a few things I simply can't find anywhere else (not for a lack of trying either! They seem to be the only ones who carry my brand/size of sanitary pads) and got back on the road for Monroe.

Did some more of the grocery shopping at Albertsons....then went to the library for a kid concert by the Recess Monkey (meh!) and then back to Safeway to use the ATM and pick up a few of their specials...then back to Albertsons to get the ice cream I didn't want to get before hand as its not quite cold enough for it to NOT melt in the car...and then home!!! Whew!

The drive home was rather scary too!! Now, we live in the boonies, in the foothills of the there's no street lights!!!! At least not with any rhyme or reason...they're privately owned and few and far between! To top it off, we had a pediddle (RJ will know this one! it's a one head lighted car) and it was SUPER foggy out!!!!! Oh it was awful!!! THEN to make it even more fun...I had some idiot driving right behind me egging me on!! Oh I hate that!!!

DJ literally had a 5 minute nap!! We were talking at 5:08 and when I talked to him again, literally 3 mins later, he was sound asleep! And we were 2 mins from home at that point! Rascal! So he was a bit of a grouch when we got home! Got the groceries unpacked and put away and dinner on the go. (are you tired yet just reading it all??) After dinner I grabbed a MUCH needed shower! And feel worlds better for it! Then put the kids to bed and FINALLY sat down to relax!!!

Howie wanted to see Inglourious Basterds so I picked it up from RedBox while at Albertsons. Had I known more about it (Really, all I knew was it had Brad Pitt in it and what woman won't watch a movie with Brad Pitt in it?!?!?!) and that it was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino....I would have gotten Julie & Julia instead!!!!

Oh it was SOOOOOOOOOO hard to get into (Howie actually went to bed an hour into it...and HE'S the one who wanted it!) and the subtitles were very hard to follow! There were 4 languages spoken in the whole you HAD to watch it in order to know what was going on...OY! And then there's the whole "that's not how history goes" part of it...I think that bugged Howie most!

Of all of Brad Pitt's movies...this is the second one I haven't liked!! I didn't like Fight Club...just dumber than dirt that movie was! Give me Legends of the Fall...or Meet Joe Black...or Mr & Mrs Smith...anything but these two movies!!! Granted, there are quite a few (I just looked at his list of of accomplishments) that I haven't seen...I'm not really a movie buff per se...but the Ebert in me wants to give this two thumbs down!!!! lol

Now, I'm off to relax some more...knit some more...and watch something decent from my DVR! Way too late for another movie, but I have to bury what all I have seen tonite! Somehow! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I did buy a new bulb for the Walmart (where else!?!?)

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