Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you ever

Decorated a tree with the help of TWO toddlers?!!??!??!! Altho, I guess to be fair, DJ would be considered a pre-schooler instead of a toddler...but still! NOT MUCH HELP!!!!!!!!

DJ has been bugging me since we got the tree on Saturday to decorate it...but he's very unknowing of the way things happens....and then the tree came in the house yesterday and he was bugging even more with that constant visual reminder of something to do....

So this afternoon, while SamSam was snoozing, we got all the lights out and did the test on them to see what's what....turns out I had 4 new boxes of lights that I'd bought 2 years ago on sale...SWEET!....and then 5 sets of lights that needed to be checked...of which 4 were good! That 5th one couldn't even be saved for spare bulbs!

So I got started putting the lights on with his "help" which consisted of him laying on the floor UNDER the tree watching, I start my lights from the he REALLY wasn't helping!!!! I tried giving him a "job" by holding the other end as far as it would go...he didn't like that job! lol

Then it came time to get Samantha up from her nap and I wasn't even half done the tree....I really just wanted to shut them off and wait til they'd gone to bed, but DJ was having NONE of that business!! So I kept at it and got just about done before I realized I'd need one more strand of lights...thankfully Howie got home and had some downstairs for me.

Did you many lights I have on my tree....900!!!!!!!! Plus the few for the star...16 or so...that's an insane amount of lights to me!!!! And yet, I can still see some holes where I missed! This is our biggest ever tree...and I swear it didn't look THAT big in the field!!!!! Man! When I get it done, I'll be sure to take a picture! Promise!

We also got new ornaments this year as I really wanted a "theme" purple and gold is what we chose...for the UW Huskies. Howie likes it...and it looks REALLY pretty together!!! The putting on of the balls was a family affair...Howie put the hooks on them, and the kids brought them to me one by one to hang...they liked being included that way! I also made sure that 90% of the ornaments are above Sam's reaching height! So the bottom 1/4 of our tree is JUST lights at this point...ooh maybe I'll pop some corn and we'll make a garland for it...they'd like that! And we'll get some cranberries too! Good thinking! *pats herself on the back*

Samantha is good today! No pukey episodes since I got home last nite, and her fever is still hanging obviously her body is fighting the good fight! I didn't medicate her today and just let her body do its thing. She also got minimal food...banana for breaky, toast for lunch and then for dinner, because she'd done so well, she got 8 noodles, 2 Ritz crackers, 1/2 a slice of cheese and 1/4 an 8oz yogurt...and did well! Fluids are great!! Anytime she asks for something to drink she gets it...I certainly don't want her to get dehydrated! We're steering clear of milk tho (which she's begging for) just in case it turns sour in her tummy...may give her some tomorrow....I just want the fever to break and be gone! Its certainly not affecting her ability to play...she just wants to sleep longer at nap time!

Speaking of sleep...DJ woke me up at 6:40 this morning to tell me Sam was awake!! He'd gone in there and turned her light on and everything! So I made him go turn it off and close her door...she didn't even fuss and went right back to sleep! He crawled in with me and fell back to sleep...whew!! Whatta kid!

I'm off to knit now...

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Milk turns sour as soon as it hits our stomaches, wether one is sick or not. It's the temperature change that does it. Yogurt is awesome when the kids have a fever, stick to Powerade's rather than juice's or Pedialite, it does the same thing pediatlie does. but tastes waaaaaa better.


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