Sunday, November 29, 2009

Step one is done

And that was get the tree IN the house!!!!!! We let it stand overnite in the garage to let all the woodland creatures who got a free ride to our house remove themselves....and be free! lol Oh did it smell good in here too!!!!! Like the inside of a car that has one of those hanging pine tree scent thingys....hmmmmmmm

Well, it DID smell good anyways.....

Sam's had a low grade fever (not even above 98.6, but she's felt warm to the touch) for a few days now...and today it was 99.7 so I gave her some Tylenol...we ate lunch...she went down for her nap....I took Jake home and did some Avon errands....just as I'm on my last stop and making my way home, I get a call from Howie that all is not well here at home. Sam's thrown up twice and its miserable! She's just burning up and very clingy. So he gave her some more Tylenol and just snuggled her in his chair til I go home. She sat with me for a bit, I gave her some watered juice (its what they drink regardless) and she seemed to perk up a while DJ and I ate dinner (Howie'd lost his appetite) she munched on 3 or 4 Ritz crackers...and some more juice. She did okay and so far, everything's stayed down.

I think that rule is "Starve a fever, Feed a cold" as with fever can come vomiting....makes sense. We'll also follow the BRATTY diet for a day or two depending on how she's doing in the morning. My poor baby girl!! Neither of my kids get sick often...DJ's thrown up twice in his life (or rather, had two vomit episodes) and Sam's been sick once her car seat on the way here, remember? when they do sick, they go gangbusters! Her poor baby smells of vomit its out here drying from the washing I gave it, and she's sleeping with Dolly...I swear, vomit is stuck in my nose as its all I'm smelling...I've washed my hands several times...changed my shirt...smelled coffee and I can STILL smell it!!!! YUCK! I wanna smell my tree!!!!! ugh!

So that was our day! Here's hoping the nite goes smoothly...she went down quite easily and so far, not a peep!!! I better get to bed early just in case!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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