Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eleven Eleven

Today was Remembrance Day...or as they say here, Veteran's Day (gotta be different y'know!) and while I'm no longer in school (going on 20 years he HECK did THAT happen!?!?!) I did read Flander's Field and had 2 minutes of silence (almost impossible with DJ around) and thought alot about my Grandpa who was ready to fight in WWII, but never made it over as it ended...and my cousin who is about to go to Iran in Feb. Also, my other cousin who's birthday it is today!

Today was also laundry day (again!) and I got 3 loads done...didn't I just put away 2 loads!?!??! How on earth does this happen!?!?! Are there little leprechauns who come into my house when I'm sleeping and add clothes to the dirty hampers!??! That MUST be it! It is a never ending job that's for sure! Especially when you have a 3 year old who pees himself (AGAIN) while IN the bathroom trying to go on the toilet!!! Then, he DANCES in it!!!! Not quite the pee dance I was taught....

Other than that...a pretty boring day! Oh, I know, with two kids how can it be boring....true enough! There were lots of tickles and laughs and tears and a typical day...notsomuch a boring one. How's that? I thought you'd like that better.

Samantha's vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds!!! And its so cute the pronunciation of words that she tries to say...Snickers is near, or it sounds like that....and brudder is brother....and so on. She's also learning about least with her it's getting thru! So, one out of three ain't bad....HA! She'll turn on us eventually...we know this! But for now, we're enjoying her cuteness! Howie even said tonite "When she talks back to me its so cute and hard not to laugh" yeah, just you wait mister!! I'll let YOU deal with her when she's a teenager!!

After the kids went to bed (effortlessly, I might add!!!) we sat down to watch the CMA's and enjoy a nite of great music!! And comedy apparently! Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosted and it was FUNNY!!!! There were MANY times I was actually laughing out loud...almost uncontrollably! It was great! I was able to "call" more winners than Howie fact, he called NONE!!! :P

And now, I'm gonna go watch Glee, all the while thanking the person who invented DVR!!! Oh, and knit some more...been a great knitting nite! Ooooooh they're calling for more snow in the mountains (I've got the news on in the background) and its already so pretty looking out my window!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. great pics of the kids!!! (wheres the one of the 5 of you?? hint hint again)

  2. Tsk tsk Fiona!!!! I would have pegged YOU to be one of the more observant ones!!! There IS a picture of the 5 of us on my blog!!! I couldn't possibly leave it out now, could I!?!?! LOL


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