Friday, November 27, 2009

10 seconds!!!

That's how long it takes to lose DJ...a mere TEN seconds!!!!!!!! UGH!!

This morning did NOT start the way I was hoping it would...boy did it ever NOT! First it started with the cat scratching to get into our room...for water!! Of which there's a perfectly good, full bowl of water out in the dining area that I've seen her drink from!! But she's such a snob! She wants it right from the tap! Spoiled is more like it!

And once I'm awakened by the cat scratches, I realize that DJ had somehow managed to crawl into bed with us on my side...putting me in the middle...and I can't move...I hate that feeling! I'm not claustrophobic, but I don't like being bound up!

So I roll over to lay on my good ear and try to ignore the cat...cuz I can't get out of bed to let her in...and Howie's idea of solving the problem is to throw something at the door....yeah, not such a good idea there honey!

Now, I have NO idea what time it is as I can't see my clock from where I'm at in the middle of the bed...and I can't reach for my cell to click it to see what time it is...but I swear it was all of 3 minutes later DJ's awake and ready to start the day! He gets out of bed and wanders over to Howie's side to wake him and gets he comes back to my side, checks the window to see if its still nite out (dang it! he's smart!) and then tells me he has to go out to the living I got was just barely 7! We come out to the living room and lay down on the couch...he is far too squirmy!!!! ugh! Sam gets up shortly after 8 and Howie follows after 9 and Jake just about 10ish.

Once the kids get dressed we head out to get more milk that's on sale at Freddy's and I wanted to use my coupon at Ben's to get a garland for the top of the mantle...and fondle all the yarn there too! :)

So we go to Freddy's first and I get a cart that doesn't buckle I hold Sam in place and we head into the lobby to change carts...we walk by the pay phone and DJ says "I need to call Jake!!" (its what he says anytime he sees a phone!) and I am literally 4 feet away from him changing carts...a ten second job!! I turn around and there's NO DJ!!!! A rush of people have just left the store so I'm searching them for DJ and his red coat...nothing...a wave of panic hits me...I search out the other door and nothing!! I go into the store to see if maybe he's gone on ahead of me to Playland....and there he is. What a rush! I was literally shaking in my shoes!!!!!! I go up to him and speak very sternly about what he just did and not to do it again! We've talked about it a couple times today in fact! I do NOT like that feeling!!!! Man!

We missed all the Black Friday messy crowds...but I did manage to score a BF deal...socks are always half price at Fred Meyer, every BF...its their draw! And I got there while they were still out, so I still got the deal! Samantha was the only one in need of socks...and I got 9 pair for 4.50!!! What a deal!!!

We did go visit Ben! Their carts suck for two kids! So Sam rode and DJ bugged! I did find a 9' garland...very I'll be adding lights and small trinkets to it to jazz it up a bit...when I get it looking like the one I see in my head, I'll be sure to take a picture of it! I know, you're anxious! lol

DJ ended up taking a short nap on the floor watching TV with Jake, I'd gone to lay down for a few minutes myself, and he didn't want to lay with me....but I needed those few minutes to re-energize! That and I only had a bit of time left before I needed to deal with the soup I was making! Yup, I made my first ever soup!!!!! I've seen my mom make it LOTS of times, so I searched recipezaar and found one! Smells YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Its on the menu for lunch tomorrow!

Once DJ finally woke up, he and Jake and Snickers went to check out the gated field just down the street.....its got swings, and a basketball court and a whole bunch of lawn. Sam didn't like them leaving, but dealt with it good!

After they got back I took the roasting pan and some pumpkin cobbler to the neighbours and chatted with them for a few minutes. They got their tree today, so were busy clearing for its set up. Fun stuff! I put up the snowman light up thingy...that's as far as I've gotten! lol

It was a bit of a chore getting DJ to bed tonite...we'd rented a movie (GI Joe and the Rise of the Cobra) and he kept coming after the 3rd time, I put him back in bed and had a "chat" with him and that was the end of that nonsense! Part of it was the movie, part of it was that he didn't get to see Daddy tonite!

Now, everyone's in bed and I'm going back to my knitting! I got some yarn today to make some hats for the kids' stockings...and to match their coats!

Til next time...ciao!

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