Friday, November 6, 2009

I have a new Boyfriend

And his name is Ben....Ben Franklin!!!! He's so dreamy!!! And extremely crafty!!!!!! Oh so crafty! He stole my heart the moment we met! In fact, I even paid for the date!!! *sigh* Its okay, he's worth it!!! I can see a long relationship in our future! With a lot of accomplishment, and some arguments, and a whole lotta love!

If you live in the WA area, you know who/what I'm talking about.....

The local craft store!

My other boyfriend, Micheal, and my girlfriend, Joann, haven't moved out this instead of just dumping them all together, I've joined forces with Ben and he and I will have many hours of fun when I can't make it out to see Micheal or Joann.

I sounds like crazy talk....but they shouldn't name these stores after people...its just too easy! LOL

This morning, after a slow start to the day, we all went grocery shopping. Well, Howie, SamSam and I went shopping, DJ went playing at Playland. He was SO excited to go shopping today!!! I'm even getting to recognize the employees who work in play land too!! That helps! Having Howie with me was nice, but he has NO clue how to stick to a list!!! I spend more when he's with me!! So, we only ended up doing one place and then heading home for lunch.

Got home and my Avon was waiting for me at the door (YAY!) and once Sam was down for her nap, I spent a few minutes working on sorting the orders out. I got samples of the new perfume that was created by Reese Witherspoon, called In Bloom...oh it smells heavenly!!!! I really like it! Thinking I might just put it on my Christmas wish list....

Once I tore myself away I took off to finish the grocery shopping...but decided to visit Ben instead. I found THE perfect "hide the cords" swag for under the TV, on the fire place mantel. Because of the placement of the TV, I will never be able to put anything on the mantle....but at the same time, looking at the tacky cords didn't cut it for me either. Howie and I talked about doing a swag there for Christmas, and then do an ivy the rest of the while at Ben's I kept my eye open...and then I saw it....a beautiful Maple Leaf swag in Fall colours...GORGEOUS!!! It was the first thing I did when I got home...I hadn't even taken my coat off! PERFECT!!! It fits so perfectly!!! Next time I go, I'll be on the lookout for a Christmasy one!

Once the kids were in bed, I got down to baking some cookies for Jake's football team...they play their first play off game tomorrow, and I was asked to bake 2 dozen cookies for the boys. So, I did a dozen peanut butter, and a dozen oatmeal raisin...that way we have a dozen of each here at home to enjoy! I also pulled out some bananas to make some banana bread tomorrow....was going to do it tonite, but the two batches of cookies ate up all my time. Still smells good in here tho! And now, tomorrow will smell good too!!

OK, last batch is going in, and I wanna go sit and knit....I did manage to find some yarn that I've never used and want to make a scarf for a friend...I'm anxious to get it started! I've done about 6 or 7 dish cloths, so this will be a nice break!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Heres a new job for Howie (dont tell him who gave it to you). I am sure the swag looks great, it sounds really pretty but if you want to get rid of those TV wires for good heres what my son did when I freaked about the wall-hung tv & the icky wires left over, and over my mantle too. He drilled a small hole in the drywall behind the TV, ran the wires down behind the wall, another small (cant-even-notice-it small) hole right by the electrical outlet & cable connection, and Voila!!! No wires.

  2. I love Ben too!!! I actually really like a lot of their beads- a little more high end then M and J's....I've never made it all the way through the store though!!

  3. hahaha Fiona....he would LOVE to do that...but that would require a whole lot more work than he wants...taking a whole section of drywall down to drill holes for the cords to pass thru... way did I get to walk the whole store...I was in there an hour and just browsed!!!


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