Monday, November 23, 2009

Washing poop off of anything

Is NOT a fun way to spend time!!!

Tonite that chore was mine and the object being washed was the dog.

Can someone tell me WHY dogs feel it necessary to ROLL in other dog's poop!?!?! Is it some kind of doggy sign that "she's into you" if they roll in other poop!?!?! Is HER nose broken that she can't smell just how putrid it really is!??!!?!? Seriously makes me wonder if dogs CAN in fact smell!!! Amazing how a little time outside to 'do her business' turned into something SO vile it makes me want to vomit!

DJ let Snickers in tonite after she'd been out all of 6 minutes...and immediately asked "What's that!??!" pointing at the dog. My bionic nose picked up what it was almost instantly! Sh!t!! On her face, neck and chest! Say it with me now....YUCK!!!!!!!

Howie did the dry clean up with a towel as we were right in the middle of putting kids to bed...and put her butt down in the garage! Her smell lingered....blech!

It wasn't til about 15 minutes ago that I realized she was still down there...shame on me, I know! But most times when the kids go to bed, she just flakes out and relaxes knowing no one is going to chase her!

So I got a bowl of nice warm water and put some soap in it and washed her about 5 times in the areas that stunk really bad....and then dried it and washed it again....lather, rinse, repeat! She's now upstairs and laying in the hall...which I hope she likes as she wont' be in our bedroom tonite! No way! Nuh uh!!! Not happenin!

I guess it could be worse...skunk...yeah, that'd be worse! *shudder*

My goal today was to get ahead of the laundry game....and my intentions were good! Honest! After lunch DJ wanted to go play outside with his "neighvors" as the sun was shining (briefly) and it was semi-dry out. Got him all bundled up and sent him on his way. Turns out their mom was putting the youngest down for a nap, and could DJ come in and play in their rec room....SUUUUURE!!!!!! Such bliss this is!! I've never had this happen!!! EVER!!!!! Oh he's played outside, but I'm always checking on him and calling out to him so he knows I'm watching. But to have him inside under someone else's eyes was different! And nice!!!!

The laundry could wait!!

Instead, I did up all the Christmas cards...cut up all the family photos and divvied them up....addressed 90% of the cards that have to be mailed...emailed the ones I don't' have addresses for....put together the packet for my mom which I'm really hoping to get mailed to her tomorrow...if I get it gone tomorrow, it should be in Canada by Thursday which is not a holiday and then I'd gain a day in transit!! I have high hopes...but I'm waiting on 3 more addresses! I may just put them in there blank and have my mom fill them out when she gets them....hey! that's an idea!!! Oh I'm so smart sometimes!!!

I also can't believe how calm I am this year about having Thanksgiving dinner here this year...knowing that Howie's cooking the bird is SUCH a relief to me!!!! Side dishes I can do! Side dishes I'm good at!!! Desserts I do extremely well!!! Turkey...not so much! But BBQ turkey sounds divine to me!!! And leaving all that stress up to Howie...even better! He's an excellent grill master! So much so, that we bbq all year long...there's not just one season for bbq'ing...oh no, ALL year!! Delish!

OK, I've rambled enough...gotta go smell some coffee to get the dog poop smell out of my nose hairs! Did you know that smelling coffee takes away any lingers scent-sations in your nose?!?! Now ya do!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. This is my third time to try to post here so if it doesn't work this time I am going to post it on yr FB page. Yes, coffee is the bestest ever for scent neutralizing. You should take a small baggie of coffee beans or granules when you are showing samples of your Avon perfumes. Your clients can sniff inside the bag, and *poof* no more "gee, all this stuff smells the same". Works like a charm. Mind you, for REALLY nasty smells, I am talking the nursey stuff - the smells no one talks about because there would be no more potential nurses signing up for nursing school if they knew - Vicks dabbed under the nose will block anything, and I mean ANYTHING!!!. Of course, the vicks scent lingers and strangers will back away from you thinking you have a cold/SARS/H1N1, but thats not a bad thing is it? A seat to yourself on the subway/bus is a wonderful thing in Toronto.


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