Friday, November 20, 2009

Care to guess

How many times I've threatened to call santa today!?!?!? Far too many, that's for darn sure!!! I'm not sure what his problem was today, but DJ was incorrigible!!! Today was pay day which also means grocery day! Tomorrow I'll be out of commission as Howie and I are going to Jake's game in Vancouver, WA and Shirah will be with the I tried valiantly to get as much of it done today as I humanly could! I seemed to have forgotten that DJ is also human....and at best, a 3 year old human!

We sent Daddy off to work, and then got to the business of getting dressed...Samantha was already dressed as I think she woke up it was just DJ to contend, one would think dressing a 3 year old wouldn't take THAT long, for the simple fact, that he understands what getting dressed is all about! This was all about being nekkid! Oh what a kid!

We finally were on the road by 10 am...a short half hour later than I'd originally wanted, but still early enough to get most of what I wanted done, done. Costco was our first stop....which is nice because both kids get strapped into the front of the cart...its also bad because both kids are strapped side-by-side in the front of the cart....and I have 4 feet kicking at me....and 4 hands reaching out for stuff they know they shouldn't be touching....and the list goes on! Usually, when one visits costco they are bombarded with samples....yeah, not today! And I was saddened by usually grants me a few moments peace while each child enjoys whatever they're sampling!

In any case, we were done and out of there in 45 mins! Not too shabby! AND we got gas too! Next on our list was Freddy's where DJ was able to play to his heart's content...and Samantha gets all the mommy attention...WRONG!!! She was miserable today! Squirmy. Whiny. Wiggly. and LOUD! If it's not one, its the other! OY!

Got outta there about 12:30 and hit up McD's for the kids to have lunch so they'd at least be semi-quiet during the next stop...which was Safeway and all of 6 things....which turned into 12 things! As I'm walking the aisles looking for one thing I see things that didn't even make it on my list (Spaghetti sauce!?!?! How'd I miss THAT?) or things that would be good to have on hand at that price.

Finally got done just after 1pm and hit up the mailbox place for stamps and to mail off a couple letters....then home! We're literally 5 mins from home and I look back and DJ's sound asleep and Samantha (the one who's getting a late start to her nap time) is wide awake! So we get home, and I unload the car first....then get Samantha and her wet bottom out of the truck, change her and put her down for her nap. DJ continued sleeping!

Today was also Avon delivery I had fun sorting thru all the stuff and getting it bagged up...stamping (no more writing for this Chickie) my catalogues for the next campaign and going over stuff. I woke DJ just before 3 as I didn't want him sleeping all that long!! He actually woke up decently and came in for a snack. Just as he was mid-snack, a knock on the door announced the neighbour kids coming to ask DJ to play....well YES he would LOVE to join you!!! So off he went! I had to change his pants first as he was in his white pants that need to stay semi-white thankyouverymuch!

He came in about 4:30 and that started the evening ritual of dinner, bath and bed time! He was a little bugger about bed time too tonite...he managed to yank down the slider door blinds...the verticals...and was sent to his room...which allowed me the quiet (semi-quiet really) time to put SamSam to sleep. I've since tucked him into bed 3 times....incorrigible I tell you!!!

Now, I'm gonna go switch out laundry, and wait for Howie to come home from work...he's bringing Shirah with him so she can sit the kids tomorrow while we're gone. YAHOO!!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Why didn't you wait until today when you had a sitter, to do your shopping?

  2. Now, that would have definitely been ideal...except we're leaving at noon and not coming back til midnite...and I'm not that much of a morning person when Howie's home...I'm more of a slacker! :)


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