Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deck the Halls

With lots of pictures
Fa la la la la la la la la
We are driving Daddy crazy
Fa la la la la la la la la
Singing all these Christmas carols
Fa la la la la la la la la
Even Sam can sing the chorus
Fa la la la la la la la la

Now that tune will be as stuck in your head as it has been in mine! :P Don't ya just love me!??!!!

Today I had the pleasure of getting up with DJ at 7:20...while Howie snoozed on....we came out to the living room, and laid on the couch together and he watched TV and I tried to doze, but that's REALLY had to do when you have a 3 y/o who keeps hitting you in the head...and the sun coming up over the mountains into your living room windows that you can't close the blinds on....not my idea of the perfect way to start my day! But from what I'm reading, its WAYYYYYYYYY better than some of my other mommy friends who's kids are still suffering with the time change and getting up at 4 am...BLECH!

Samantha finally got up at 9 and I checked on Howie was was also awake, and we did the breakfast thing, got dressed and headed out the door. Last week I checked the library in Monroe to see when their story time is, and its Tuesdays! So we're back on our regular schedule with Tuesday mornings going to the library. With it being a new place for us I wasn't sure what to expect....and the age group is 3-5 year olds...so Sam was a tag along today. There were 9 kids, including my two, and the teacher was okay...its just not what we're used to...so we have to adjust! They did songs, and she read from two books, and we did this parachute thing which both my kids LOVED as they'd never seen that before! Sam even found some keys that belonged to the teacher and she lost them months ago...yay Sam! lol Then she pulled out the bubble machine and the kids went nuts (now, here's where I'd change it up...do the bubbles first to relax the kids and get them away from their moms...then do story time...) popping all the bubbles and then it was play time with the toys. My two were the only two who played the whole time...everyone else started drifting out and were gone by 11:15...so we tidied up and then went to explore the library. Well, DJ headed straight for the kid computers (he has NO clue how to operate them, but thinks he looks kool...) and after telling him we didn't have time for that today, and that we were in search of some new books for him to read, he didn't listen and lost the privilege.....which made him a nasty tantrum throwing boy! Thankfully not on the floor, just the stomp his feet and pull on me kind...still embarrassing, but hey, that's life with a 3 year old! He learned tho! and apologized about 5 minutes later.

Once back home we did lunch, and then Sam went down for her nap. DJ went to "help" Howie in the garage with things and got side tracked with his neighvors....which allowed Howie to actually get some work done. I didn't do much as I was having a weird hip pain that I couldn't massage away, or relax away even. Every step made me limp...it seems to be okay now, but man, that hurt!!

We now have new never-used-by-Realtors locks on our doors....Howie was concerned...I wasn't, but he was...not anymore tho! In any case, we now have 8 keys to our house!! Wonder how long it'll take to lose them...hahaha

We also got Samantha's room decorated with stuff on the walls, and DJ's room got decorated too! I got this REALLY kool globe light (from my shower when I was pregnant with him) that has planets, stars and moons when you turn it on...they cast on the walls and ceiling...he thinks its just the neatest thing!!!! And he can reach the switch to turn it on and off....he fell asleep with it on tonite...SO cute! Their names are also up on their walls now too! Sometimes its the little things that make it feel more homey! And yes, I will take pix of our completed rooms when I get done! I took pix of the old house to show how it was set up there too, and will do a comparison post to this house. Just you wait!

After the kids were in bed it was veg time! Just sitting and knitting is great therapy! I seem to have undone that therapy tho as my butt cheeks clench in cramps from sitting on this stool....we have to invest in a proper bar stool with a wider seat and a back to it....oy!

Til next time...ciao!

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