Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm not sure when

He joined me in bed...but I do know that I woke up to a soaked in pee bed thanks to Mr DJ! I seriously have NO clue when he climbed in on Daddy's side...who'd gone to work EXTRA early this morning so he could attend a funeral this aft. I do know that at precisely 8 am, I was wondering why my knee was damply stuck to the which point I gingerly reached out with my hand to see what was going on...that's when I discovered DJ and the pee...and he woke up wondering why he was wet and very upset about it. Got him out of bed, cleaned up (he refused a bath...guess he's like is mom in not wanting to get wet first thing in the morning!) and bed stripped and Samantha woke up...and our day had officially begun! What a way to wake up!

Got the laundry in the wash and then did breakfast. The past three mornings, the kids have wanted cereal...I wonder if they heard about the Eggo shortage that's supposed to happen!!?!?! (sometimes I crack myself up! That was funny right there!) So we had cereal again! Funny how DJ will gobble down Jake's stupid Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal, but struggles with Strawberry Yogurt Cheerios, or Apple Cinnamon ones....grrrr!!!!! We also had some toasted raisin bread that I'd made last nite...oh SO yummy!!! But definitely in need of way more raisins and cinnamon! Next time!!!

We didn't go to the library this was raining cats and dogs and I just didn't feel like dealing with the wetness...I know, it's a lazy answer, but that's the one I'm giving! So there :P

Instead, the kids played upstairs and downstairs, in my room, in their rooms, basically ALL over the house! They sure had fun tho! Samantha has learned from the master at bothering the dog...'cept she's much gentler and breaks out in a fit of giggles!!!! I'm sure if Snickers could talk, she'd say "this kid cracks me up!" lol

When Sam went down for her nap I tried laying on the couch, but there was a knock at the door (Fed Ex) and then a phone call (Avon) and then DJ wanting to snack on something, and then another phone call (Howie) and I finally had to admit there was no rest for me today! *sigh* DJ wanted to paint too, so we did that...the paint with water books are awesome!!!

Sam got up and I got busy cleaning the kitchen and getting dinner started...then we ate, let the kids run wild a bit, and then got ready for bed. As we're getting the kids nekkid, there's a knock at the door...its our neighbour asking me to come out and play. HAHAHA That gave me a chuckle! As if! lol She came by to drop off my Christmas gifts that Howie got me from the Pampered Chef party she had two weeks ago! YAY!!!!!

Once the kids were in bed, we got OUR bed re-made with the clean sheets and Howie went right to bed. He was slightly on the exhausted side of the day! Tomorrow is his go in late day...but I'm sure DJ will want him to get up with him...which I just think is the cutest!

Now, my butt is begging me to get up off this stool and sit somewhere else!!

Til next time...ciao!

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