Sunday, November 22, 2009

Third row seats

Are absolutely FANTASTIC when you're going to a concert!!!!!!!

Great when you're ringside at a fight!!!

Awesome when you're at your child's play at school!!!!!!!

Not so much when you're watching a movie in a theater!!!!!!

I know this because that's where we were able to get seats for the 4 of us who attended a matinee showing of New Moon!

That's right!!!!!!! I went to a movie with girlfriends!!!!!!!! 3 of them that wanted to go see the movie!! No children (of ours) present...and no husbands!!! Sore neck be damned!!! lol Actually it wasn't that bad...except when they did the pan thing with the camera that goes in a circle around the subject...then I got a wee bit dizzy!!! Whoo!

This morning, because of my impending girl date, Howie told me it was my turn to get up with the kids...thankfully they didn't wake til 8:20!! Got them changed, fed and playing before Howie got up at 10! Shirah had just gotten upstairs herself when Howie came looking for coffee! Which of course, was already made and being poured when he came in the kitchen...I'm a good wife like that! lol

Then Shirah and I took off shortly after 12:30 to make Avon and chocolate deliveries!! I was in such a rush to get out the door, and both kids were pitching fits about me leaving...that I forgot to bring new catalogues with me! D'oh!! Now I have to make another trip back to Lynnwood at some point with new books for my loyals! ugh! I hate that I forgot them in the first place!!!

I got the deliveries done in time to meet Andie at the theater and get seats....and Shirah waited in the lobby for Wyndi to arrive.

The movie was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely well done!!! And yes, way better than the first one!!! Here the characters are already developed, so the story just continues on! And they pretty much stuck to how the book was written! Very unusual for a movie script to do! The animation of the wolves was incredible too!!! WOW!!!! I'd definitely give this movie 4 stars!!

Oh wait, my name's not Roger Ebert...sorry about carried away!

Its definitely worth the watch!!! Thankfully our audience had more maturity to it than I'm sure one on opening nite had! And there were quite a few hilarious moments to it too!

This was my first big screen viewing since seeing National Treasure with Howie and Jake when DJ was all of weeks old!!! HUGE occasion for me!!! LOL

After the movie I had two more chocolate deliveries to make and also drop of Andie as she'd gotten dropped off by her worked out perfectly til I got lost looking for Jackie's street! I swear, every street name sign SHOULD be lit!!! Make them solar powered, but dammit, light them so I can read them!!!! I could have saved myself 10 minutes!!

In any case, I got home just before 7 pm and the kids had just finished their I fed Howie and I the meal I'd made in the crock pot, and then got pj's on the kids and we put them down for the nite. Samantha hadn't nursed since Friday nite, and almost didn't want to tonite, but when I told her it was nitenite time, she latched on. Put up a bit of a fuss going to bed too, but not too bad!

Howie went to bed shortly after they did too as he was exhausted from being with the kids all afternoon. And Sam didn't have that long of a nap, so she was a bit on the cranky side.

Now, its my turn to hit the pillows!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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