Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eau de Chienshit

Is now my new most hated smell!!! Oh she's awful!! STILL!!!!!! According to other doggy moms its gonna stick around for a week or so...lovely!!!!! She slept out in the hall last nite...until DJ came into my bed at whoknowswhattime and left the door open...so I had the extreme pleasure of waking up to a whiff of Eau de Chienshit! That's french for dog sh!t...just in case you weren't raised in Canada with French as your second language!

After waking up and clearing my nose out the plan was to do breakfast, get dressed and then go to the library...but Mr DJ was fooling around so bad and NOT listening that by the time we were ready to leave, story time had already started! So he missed out again...and doesn't like the cause and effect theory at all!

Instead, I got my mom's envelope ready to go and put together a little box of Avon stuffs for her, my sister Tori and two nieces...nothing big, and taped it up to go with us. Our first stop, obviously, was the mailbox place....and O M G it would have cost me 26.00 to ship this small box....so I opened that sucker up and took out all the Christmas cards (everyone emailed me their addresses in time! Whew!) and opened up the envelope and added them...that alone cost me 8.95! Sheesh! Now I just hope it gets there before my mom and dad leave to do their snowbird thang!

After escaping narrowly from the mailbox place we hit up Albertsons....I do NOT want to go there tomorrow...or Thursday for that matter!!! An hour later I had everything on my list and managed to get two of Jake's gifts too! Sweet!!!!

Remember when I said that I was getting off easy that Howie was cooking the bird....that was til today when I realized that's ALL he's doing!!!!!! OY! During nap time (outside play time for DJ) I started getting the menu organized and figuring out what needs to be done today/tomorrow/day of. Today I got the eggs hard boiled...the yam/marshmallow pie done...the cheesecakes made...and the butter tarts are in the oven as I type! Let's hope this set turns out better than the first set!! I learned the hard way NOT to PAM spray the bottom of the muffin tin....makes the bottoms of the pastry soggy...grrrr AND I inadvertently doubled the recipe by having double the butter I should have had...at which point I should have stopped!!!! LOL

DJ had a lovely time playing outside this afternoon...in the rain!! I had no idea it was raining til he came in the house SOPPING wet!! I ran and grabbed a laundry basket and we stripped him down on the stairs landing...he had SO much fun that he was muddy UNDER his clothes!!!!! So, off to the bath he went!!! He thinks it was neat to wear pj's to dinner! No sense putting on clothes for 2 hours!

I actually shed a few tears this afternoon watching him and Kristopher playing outside...running together, talking to each other....I couldn't have asked for a better playmate for him than that of the next door neighbour!!! Perfect! They better not move!!!!

This morning brought a smile to my face...once DJ heard SamSam talking in her room he went in there to see her...this is what I found!

They were giggling away!!! So very sweet!! Made me think we were gonna have a good day!!! And all in all...aside from the Eau de Chienshit...it was a good day indeed!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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