Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twas the nite before

Thanksgiving and all thru the house....there's piles of crap everywhere, not even a mouse...wait, that's not how it goes!!!!! Seriously...I just had that chocolate party 3 weeks on EARTH does my house get so messy in 3 weeks!?!?!?!!?!! ugh!!

I would like to clarify that messy and dirty are two VERY different words!!!! And their meanings are almost polar opposite!! :P

The lists have been made! The menu has been planned! The house still needs cleaning!

Thankfully, I have this amazing husband (no, I'm not trying to butter him up in case he reads this...) who pitches in when its game time! If its keeping the kids occupied...taking over with the vacuum while I'm doing something else...even piling all the crap in our closet so its not visible...its all a HUGE help! And I love him dearly for it! Most men won't pitch in and help out on such a stressful day! I dodged that bullet when I married Howie! And he lets me make my lists and freak out a bit...OK alot! and then moves onto the next item on the list! I love him dearly!!!!!

Today was a good day...long, but good! DJ woke up in a silly mood, and Samantha in a happy mood! Perfect! AND we were able to get to story time!!! It was the same gal as last week (but a different day...??) and she had a bit of an outline that I'm starting to see...but she's not "user friendly"...or maybe its just me! When the toys were brought out and she was talking to the kids and interacting with them (I think there were about 8 kids today) I asked if I could sneak out to go get some books for the kids....something Kathleen never had a problem with cuz she never left the room....and this gal (I still don't' know her name) said "No, there has to be a parent/guardian present at all times. And I don't always stay in the room" and then she left! Just to prove her point! Nice! So instead of cruising the kids section in the library, we took books that were set out on the table....I was able to pick out 6 books for the kids and the were both very excited. So once they were done playing, or rather, I was done watching them play at the library, we checked the books out and left...with a screeching SamSam in my arms...Oh, I was THAT mom today!! I really hate when she does this to me! But I just smile and nod and continue carrying her out the door....*rolls eyes*

We got home and the neighbour kids were just getting started playing outside on this unusually mild day!! So DJ got started with them! It was tough calling him in for lunch...he thought they were going to go inside while he was inside...but they were right there when he got done...and he announces "I'm back!! I'll be right there!" SO cute!!!!! He played hard tho!! He was very quiet at dinner and kind of somber at bath time....but perked right up the moment Jake came in the door! And it took a bit to get him to fall asleep tonite...he's so very excited for Thanksgiving and playing hide-n-seek with Jake AND his cousins tomorrow!! Turkey schmurkey!!! He wants to play!!!!! lol

And now, I must go to bed (HA, ya right! more like go get the load from the dryer and put the next one in, then fold it, then set the dishwasher on, make sure the coffee pot's ready to go in the morning, tuck the kids in, and and and....) so I'm well rested for tomorrow's festivities!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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