Sunday, November 1, 2009

That extra hour

Has just about killed us!!!! We really feel it this year! As in one more hour to get lots of work done!!!!! Really all it meant was that we got started that much earlier today than normal! I'm not sure what time DJ woke up for the day at, but I do know he was in our bed at the new 3 am, so 4 am by our body clocks, and he tried valiantly to stay there and snuggle back to sleep, but I wasn't having anything with that thought! So off we went to the bathroom and then he went back to bed easily (one day last week, I heard him a half hour after I'd put him back in bed with a cat in his room!!!) and I crawled back in bed. I guess I got to sleep in, but it was just about the new 8 am when Howie came in to wake me up, trying to tell me it was 9:30 (his clock is a half hour fast) but I knew it wasn't April Fools day!!!

I chose today to do a crock pot meal as I knew we were going to be BUSY doing housey things...and boy were we ever busy! Howie first tackled the computer (which I'm typing on right now) and got it all up and running in a couple hours, we put it in the kitchen at the end of the counter with the tower and the printer and whatever else we use, down underneath (kid proof) in the cupboard. Its already got a child proof latch on it, so it's PERFECT!!!

After lunch I put SamSam down for her nap and sent DJ out to play with his friend, Christopher (you should hear him try and say THAT name!) and then Howie got to work getting the big screen TV up on the wall...oh what a chore that was!!! He asked me to help, but with my hernia and knowing how heavy it is, I declined! So he went next door and asked Christopher's dad to come help. Whew! I supervised....hahaha Really, all I did was clear a pathway for them to walk thru. Once the TV was level (I'm even better than a level at this job, and it drives Howie NUTZ!!) he started reattaching the cable and then set up all the speakers....for that, I stayed out of his way and jumped on the computer, and watched DJ play outside, and did some laundry, and when needed came to his aid. He shifted the living room around a bit and it looks much roomier now! DJ came in after almost 3 1/2 hours outside, and we got to work placing pictures and whatnot on the walls. I've had 2 weeks to think about where I want things, so it went well. We also got the book shelf unit up and it is the perfect room divider between the living room and the dining area.

Walking down the hall when I was putting Samantha to bed was really homey...just seeing our lives and our family up on the walls now makes it feel good! Not to mention I was putting to bed a clean girl who smells of such wonderful lavender!!! I bathed the kids, and Howie bathed the dog. I got the better end of THAT deal! Earlier today Snickers was outside hanging around on the deck...she was content, so we let her be. I looked out later and she was downstairs doing business in the grass...and then she came back upstairs. Still, very content to be outside and just watching the street. Next thing I know, Howie's grabbing his sweatshirt and running outside to "go find the damn dog!" while he was out walking, I just kept calling and clapping for her....she came! From the opposite direction that Howie had gone in...but I'm loud enough that he knew when she came home and came back home himself. In her travels, she got into something STINKY!!!!!!!!!!!! And its stuck to the fur on her face....oh it was AWFUL! Putrid is the word that comes to mind! All afternoon we had the running joke of how bad she smelled and how she was sleeping on my side of the bedroom (where she normally sleeps...) so, when I got done with the kids bath, I left the water in and gently (ha!) suggested he go bathe Snickers. He had about as much fun as I did bathing the kids! Actually, he had to go change, I didn't! lol

Now, both kids are in bed, and Howie's watching baseball and I'm blogging. DJ didn't even make it thru his books tonite, he passed out in the middle of Beauty and the Beast. He was a tired puppy!!! And there was no fight in Sam either!!! I'm thinking once I'm done here, I'm sending Howie in to bed too...he's tired as well!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I hope you post some more pics of the inside of the house, when you get everything up & organized!!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see it!! I bet it looks great!


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