Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Walk of Shame

Is NO fun!! Especially when, while you're walking, you can't feel your toes...or your hands...or your nose!!!!

Tonite the Mavericks lost their first game of the season! And they lost in a big, bad way!! Final score was Union 49, Meadowdale 7. See?? It was a really tough game to watch too!!! Yes, I got to watch it!! Miss Shirah watched our kids while Howie and I drove a total of 8 hours to attend the game.

A game that started off way too quickly for Union! They scored their first touchdown in the first 3 minutes!!! And then another one almost right after that!! At halftime the score was 42-0...heck of a long way to come back! Usually if we've had a rough first half our boys pull out of it...but tonite was a little tougher! For starters, they had 94 players!!! 94!!! we have 60! AND their starting team was ALL seniors!! They had 26 seniors on their roster, and we're pretty sure 22 of them played the first 3 quarters! Jake got to play once in the 4 quarter for 4 or 5 plays. At least he got in there!!

Shirah spent the nite last nite as we originally thought we were going to chaperone the Rooter (students) bus, but didn't find out we were on it til this morning, at which point we weren't prepared to leave that early. Plus, I'd woken up with spasms in my upper right shoulder blade that wouldn't even let me bend down. Any time it spasmed (which was often) I'd freeze, and forget to breathe. Advil didn't work! What worked was the heated seats in the car!! Bless the person who invented that little marvel!! I cranked it as high as it would go and it really loosened up my back! Good thing too cuz there were no seat backs in the stadium. We sat up as high as we could go, and even then the back wall was still 18 inches away!

It was nice to have my husband trapped in a vehicle (I mean that in a good way) for 8 hours!! The first 4 we spent just talking, with no one interrupting us...what a novelty!! We didn't even have the radio on!! It was good to just chat!! Now, we're on our way home, and its raining yuck out there, so I'm blogging and he's concentrating! We've still got a long way to go too! Good thing I brought some knitting with me! Stuff I can easily do in the dark!

The kids have had a great time with Shirah too! Who we can NOT thank enough for coming out for the weekend! DJ apparently took that time out nap I was wishing for two days ago! Brat! And SamSam was walking around saying "hi mum" and looking for me! So cute!! DJ was also worried that it was too dark out for us to be out of the house! The things kids say!! He even asked Shirah when she was going to wash off her tattoo!! And he sees mine daily! So I'm not sure where he's coming up with that one!

Ok, my eyes are hurting from the brightness of the screen! And my thumbs are tired :)

Til next time...ciao!

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