Saturday, November 7, 2009

This day has been

THE most productive in the way of cleaning and decluttering! Whew! I'm exhausted too! You see, I have a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party here tomorrow afternoon, so we've been busy beavers getting everything ready for that! Everything is vacuumed...doing it today ensures the dust will settle by tomorrow for my allergic friends) and I'd say 85% of my counter tops are cleaned the way I want them....everything is baked up for delights tomorrow....pretty much the only thing left is to mop...which I'll do tomorrow, I don't have any more energy left!

While I was cleaning, Howie was DJ proofing the house...we got these locks for the front and garage doors that flip into place so he can't open the door even tho the bugger knows how to unlock the doors. HA! And they're nice and high up that he can't reach them! Foiled him again!

As I type this, Howie is at Jake's football game...its the first of the play off season and they're winning!!! Howie said Jake is only playing in the kick off team and not his usual defense spot...bummer! Altho, he is only a sophomore...and this is only the first game...I guess its kinda like being OK...update: They WON!!!!!!!! Final score was 45-20!! WOOT!

I got to talk to my very tired Mother tonite as I'd lost a famous recipe....famous to our family that is...and could not locate it! So she called me with it when she got home and I pretty much got busy making them right away! Banana bread muffins! YUM!!!! So in the past 24 hours, I've made a batch of peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, a batch of banana bread muffins, and a batch of brownies! Whew! Good thing that party is tomorrow! lol

My hands are hurting from all the knuckles split open and get chapped...SO painful! Thankfully I still have the prescription stuff I got last year and it works like a charm! I just look dumb with all these band aids on my a boxer or something! And the Aveeno cream does wonders for the itch!

OK, how weird is it that the kids have been in bed for an hour and I STILL have Sprout TV on....OY! At least its better than football...

Here's a pic of the swag I was talking about yesterday....

And while I'm at it....this is a picture of my Great Nephew Jude...I can't believe I didn't blog about his birth on Monday when he came into the world!!!!! This is my 4th Great one!!!
Til next time...ciao!


  1. The swag looks great, I have to say!! Cant wait to see the Christmas one. So I cant blame Howie for being a wuss about the other project. LOL But my son didn't remove the panel of drywall. He drilled the holes, and somehow guided the wires through to the exit hole. Don't ask me how, I leave when stuff like that is happening because I get too nervous seeing holes made in my walls. Maybe he used a hamster? LOL

  2. that's a thought!!! lol The number of cords (cuz its not JUST the tv, but the a/v, speaker wire for 3 speakers) and the thickness of the tv a/v cord is ridiculous!!! So swag it is!


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