Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White pants and mud

Make for a FUN almost 3 hours outside for DJ....(the front)

Why white pants you ask!?!?!?!

They were THE last pair of pants in his closet!!!! And it was raining! And I had NO intention of letting him play outside....(the back)

But his neighbourhoods (his word for neighbours) came over and wanted him to play with them...Sam was napping, so I let him go. I had almost as much fun watching him have fun as he had having fun! (Say that 5 times fast!) They did try to go up in the tree house, but I was able to divert them with a knock on the window and a wag of my finger. While they were having a good time with a play shovel and a play hoe, I quickly hopped in the shower. When I came out, they weren't in view....they were in the tree house....AND the door was shut too much for the 9 y/o neighbourhood to open...and the 3 y/o neighbourhood was trying to get in. So I put my shoes on and rescued them! That's what kool moms do! I also told them they weren't to be in there if I wasn't outside with, summer! But I didn't tell them that part!

Before all the play happened, we had some work to do! We hit up the new (to me) costco, which is one of those distract-you-with-everything-you-didn't-mean-to-buy HUGE ones!! And boy did I get distracted! lol About 20 ft into the door....I got the kids 2 pr of Carter's pj's for Christmas, and then Samantha two outfits for Christmas (different than Christmas outfits!) and then a summer outfit for next year....and then we moved onto the real shopping! My usual costco carries different things that I can't find in other cosctos AND they don't have all the distracting stuff....then again, the bigger costcos carry stuff that I wish the business one would...rock, hard place!

Since I spent so much time being distracted, we were there for 2 hours!!!! and that put us right in time for we dined ala food court...the kids thought it was great! And the berry smoothie is tasty!

I was shocked that Samantha managed to stay awake for the 40 minute ride home! Since she did we stopped at the local Dollar Tree to see if they had a coupon organizer (big stuff eh?) and some hand soap for the downstairs bathroom. I got one of those two things...the soap...and 13 other things to join it!!! The kids each got a new night light...DJ had lost the baseball cover to his bulb long ago, and the bulb burnt out in the old house a week he picked out a basketball one this time. And SamSam got a purple flower one.

Howie got home late tonite and when he got home he said the sweetest thing "NOW its our home....its sketti nite!!!" Made me smile!!! After dinner tho, I put him to work!! We now have blinds up on our more sheet for us!! I also roped him into fixing the closet, and hanging the wall cabinet thingy in our bathroom. Lookin good!!! Just need curtains in our room now....eventually...we are on the west side of the house, so we don't get morning sun....and thankfully its been nice and gray in the mornings.

Now, I'm off to do some other surfing while watching shows I dvr'd....I'm thinking of investing in a tivo...and folding laundry...that's right, Howie fixed us up good, and I've already done 3 loads tonite.....with two more in the wings! I'm back in business!!!

OH, update on the Clearwire phone call yet!!! But I did put a stop payment thru the bank....maybe then they'll call me....

Til next time...ciao!


  1. hahaah! LOVE the pants! (are you sure they WERE white????) :)

  2. That's great that DJ is already making friends with the neighbor kids. And that you're getting organized and settled in...

  3. I was watching a money saver show that said buying your own dvr is cheaper in the long run since you usually pay $120-$150 for one...and when you rent you pay pay $10-$12 a month the entire time you use the service and then you have to give the equipment back!! Plus you can set programs from your phone!!

  4. I think I'll be asking santa for one this year :)


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