Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I can now add

Drill Sargent to my resume!! But not that kind....Howie forgot the keys to the old house to go over there after work, and instead came home and asked me what I wanted put up on walls....oh that list is endless!!!!! But we made a good dent in the list today! Even tho the front hall is yet to be painted (and supposedly he's going to get it done before Thanksgiving...my money is on "no"...) we put up the key rack, the coat rack and the kids coat rack...nice to get those coats hung back up and it feels more homey too! The kids' bathroom got the towel ring up, the wall shelf thingy up, and 5 of my Anne Geddes pictures (oh I just love them!!!) DJ's room got the closet put back together (even tho its still pink!!!!) and also hung up his 4 hook wall hanger thing....and one in Sam's room, and one in our room. Sam also got the corner 4 shelf thing that's been in Jake's room, then DJ's room and now her room. She's the only one with a proper corner in her room for it. Now all her teddy bears are up away from DJ's hands....lately every time he goes in to see her when she wakes, he throws all the teddy bears in the crib and climbs in and they have a grand old time playing with them. Its cute...but not! You're not the one who has to then lift a 40 lb boy and a 20something lb girl out of the crib. Yes, he can climb out, but most times refuses....*sigh*

So, today started off with DJ in bed with me...about 6 I think, and BUGGY! Took him a bit to fall back to sleep! And then we were up before 8, which worked well with the plan for today. The carpets were getting cleaned at the old house for 10 am...and since we were already going to be in Lynnwood, I thought we'd go to story time at the library one last time. I also had the foresight to grab their costumes as I remember celebrating with them two years ago....DJ was a penguin and Sam was in the womb!

Well, wouldn't you know it, the carpet cleaner was a half hour late....so while the kids were in the truck watching a movie, I swept up the bathroom and did some other cleaning waiting for the cleaner to come. Once he got under way and got paid, we took off for the library. When I went back to the truck, both kids were bootless, sockless and DJ was hatless and coatless...lovely! Got them all put back together and off we went for the 11 time. SO many cute kids dressed up! We got to see all the kids from the 10 o'clock time as their time wasn't quite over when we got there. The kids had fun!! And DJ was actually very well behaved for the first time ever!!!! I also had both of the do the march thing with me for the first time!!! Most times my kids are running wild when everyone is sitting, and sitting when everyone is marching! Normal is good!

Because we went to the later story time, kinda messed up lunch...and I hadn't planned on being out...so we grabbed McD's and headed back to the old house. The kids were content and so I vacuumed up the downstairs and stairs going up. One less thing for Howie to do...

The way home I had two sleeping children...I actually got to listen to music!!! What a treat! When we got home, I stopped to check our mailbox, and lo and behold it was STUFFED with mail! I got my new trackball rim for my phone, and the baby legs I ordered a couple weeks ago and a whole bunch of other CRAP! Seriously, we got 5 different letters suggesting we get life insurance and some other kind of mortgage insurance...its insane!!!
My Avon finally arrived today too!!! So I let DJ go over next door and see if anyone wanted to play and I took a protesting Samantha in the house. She sat in DJ's chair at the table and coloured while I sorted my order and put all my info on the new books. I think i need to get a stamp of some sort with my name, number and email on it...writing it out 50 times gets tedious!

After dinner Howie got to work getting the mounting ready for the TV...we're still watching the small screen on my hope chest...I miss my closed captioning! Badly! Once the kids were in bed he lost his muster! We watched Biggest Loser, well, I watched it all, he went to bed before 9. And now I'm vegging and surfing!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....for those who asked...this is what I used on those pants! I've only ever seen it here in the States...at Albertsons.

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