Monday, October 26, 2009

What started off as a good day

Slowly turned into one that I should have stayed in bed for!!!! For starters, I woke up alone shortly after 8...ALONE!!! As in, DJ was still sleeping in is OWN bed!!!! I can't even recall the last time that happened! I did wake up when Howie woke up, but that's all I remember...I like those! 7 hours with only one minor disturbance...WOW!!!

Do you see now why I thought it was the start of a good day?? I got up and put 4 boxes away before DJ got up....unheard of! Samantha woke up shortly after DJ did and we got on with our day! After breakfast was done I got some laundry going...still trying to catch up after getting the dirty clothes from the old house....and called Avon to see what is going on with my order as I still haven't received it! I got a tracking number for UPS and had to stop there as the kids were getting per usual. Thankfully, the neighbour boy came over and asked DJ out to play, even tho it was raining pretty steadily. I bundled him up good and sent him out. It only lasted 20 minutes, but that was enough of a break.

Around 11 we went for a walk to deliver some Avon catalogues to my new neighbours...I thought I'd be smart and put them in the mail boxes before the mail arrived. It had finally stopped raining and it was a short walk as I only had 10 catalogues to dispense. We came home and I got busy making lunch. While the kids were eating and occupied, I called UPS to see where my package was. Turns out, they had no record of it...cue irritation! And all they could tell me, was to call Avon and verify that it had actually been shipped. GRRRR I couldn't do it then as the kids were done eating. But once Sam was in bed I called Avon again to see what the deal was. I still got the run around and no real answer. Shortly after that phone call I got another one from an unknown was someone from the post office calling to give me crap for leaving my catalogues in the mail boxes as its illegal. Before I could respond or even ask what happened to them, I was third party to another call that I couldn't speak in....very weird!!! I called Howie to have him look up the number for the post office and called them right back. They were going to throw my catalogues out, but I asked them not to and that I'd come pick them up. They cost me money!! I'd also get to pick up the last two weeks worth of mail...two birds, one stone.

So once SamSam woke up from her nap, I got them dressed to head out to the post office....and to Freddy's as Howie broke his last pair of reading glasses...and they're a few years he was due for some new ones. I called Howie on the way out and discovered we'd be passing each other, so a mile or so later, it dawned on me that we'd be passing each other and we could swap vehicles and I could go kid-less....hmmmm My plan worked too! Swap we did!!!

When I got home it was still early enough and still light enough out, and not raining, so I took DJ for a walk to hand deliver my returned catalogues (one missing...) This was possible because I'd already made chili earlier in the day and it was simmering on the stove! YUM! Well, it was discovered 5 books in, and about 10 houses walked that there's another Avon rep in the cul-de-sac on our bummer! She's a teacher at the local high school, so most of her clients are from work. In any case, we chatted a bit, and DJ and I came home.

After dinner Howie's phone rant and turns out it was for me...Clearwire FINALLY called!!! Now, why they called on Howie's phone when I specifically asked them to call me on my phone and even gave the number! In any case, we resolved that we'll pay half the cancellation fee, so we settled for 80.00 and its done and over with! Whew!

And the pants....they're white again....wanna see?? Remember these??

This is what they look like now....and as clean as I can possibly get them!! Not bad I'd say!

There are still some spots left, but hey, I'm happy!!!

Now I'm off to fold more laundry, and veg a bit...already did my knitting for the nite, so I feel accomplished! lol

Til next time...ciao!


  1. WOW - need I say more... what's the secret?

  2. you should sell those pics to your laundry detergent company!!!


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