Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a cupcake

Kind of weekend!!! Our neighbour's daughter, who's 11, made us some Halloween cupcakes that she made by herself (and boy were they yummy!!!) to welcome us to our new house.

Then today, Jake's girlfriend, Morgin, and her mom, Joanne, came up to see the house and she brought with her some coconut cupcakes she made this morning. Now, these I won't eat as I'm not a huge fan of coconut at all!! Its one of those things that you either love it or hate it! Yeah, I'm a hater! Don't judge me! lol

So we're loaded for bear in the dessert department this weekend! There's still some cookies left from yesterday! Good thing I can send lots of goodies with Howie to work and his co-workers don't mind one bit!

I got to sleep in this morning as Howie took DJ out of the room shortly after 7 when he got up (I have NO clue when he joined us...but I really don't like being in the middle! I can't move! and feel trapped!!!) and I slept til almost 8:30ish. Howie wanted to get going on the day so he sent DJ in to wake me...I love that!

We then tried to stay as quiet as possible for Jake's sake as he was still sleeping downstairs...and he's right under the dining room! He finally got up about 11:30 and DJ was SO happy!!! He even said to me "Mum, Jake's awake and its not even dark out!" hahaha

When Sam went down for her nap I decided to colour my hair (finally) and have a shower before Joanne and Morgin got here. I'd just mixed the solution up after sending Jake downstairs for his shower, when there was a knock on the door. It was my neighbour Lara come for a visit. She thought she was interrupting me, but I put her to work colouring my hair! Its nicer to have someone else do it when they can see what they're doing! And it gave us a chance to chat! DJ had gone outside to play with her boys, so it was a good chat! Just getting to know each other, but I do see a long time friendship in the making! That's nice! Especially since Howie says we're dying in this house! In other words, he's never moving again! LOL

She left and I hopped in the shower....I even had a few minutes to tidy up the kitchen before Joanne and Morgin got here. Whew! At least I have the "We just moved" excuse to fall back on right now! lol It was a good visit! DJ thought Morgin had come just for him...and Samantha was VERY happy to see her! Oh, and Jake put her in her costume again, and today she didn't cry once, just put on a SERIOUSLY pouty face and down cast cute!

The last of our stuff is now out of the old house....Howie worked hard today! We even have a mail box up now! Yippie!! Hopefully I can get all two weeks worth of mail!

After dinner we carved our two pumpkins that we got last week from the store. No pumpkin farm this year...just not enough time for one. As predicted, DJ was in up to his elbows in seconds and loving all the squishy stuff. Samantha, went all girly on us and would NOT put one finger in the pumpkin! She did however enjoy eating the raw pumpkin from the spoon. I did take pictures, but can't upload them on the lap top...and the regular PC won't get hooked up til Wednesday at the earliest! So, you'll just have to wait!

OK, its prime time Sunday nite....gonna go knit and veg!

Til next time...ciao!

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