Saturday, October 10, 2009

I could not paint

To save my life!!! At least not with a roller! But apparently, I'm pretty handy to have around to do the edging! Oh and do the taping! Howie did the living room when he went earlier in the week, so today I did DJ's room and Jake taped our room and got lazy and laid on the floor looking at the one point he even fell asleep in our walk-in closet! I didn't get a pic of that one....brat! When we got done, Jake took over on the roller and I took over on the edging...I must say...I did a pretty darn good job!

After getting a late start on the day, Jake and I finally made it to the house about 11:30...traffic was horrendous coming into Monroe! Howie also got a late start on the day and didn't end up leaving the house til 7:30 but by the time we got there, he'd already brought the fridge up and got it into place (with the help of a work friend who lives in the area) and got the water on the door all hooked up...and I don't like it! The fridge itself is black, and the oven and dishwasher are white (granted the top of the oven is black) and I just don't like how big it is! But, it's a great fridge and it will do the job! I'm sure I'll get used to it!

The colour we picked out for the living room is just PERFECT!!!!!! Oh I'm SO incredibly pleased with the choice and how well it fits in with the other colours already there! It's darker than the original colour, but not by much when it's wet...when it dries, it shows up darker.....and just is perfect! Did I say that already? oh, sorry! lol

While we were busy painting, DJ and Samantha were thoroughly enjoying their time with Shirah! They did a craft for my new garden....tiles with their hand prints in them! Oh how I LOVE these kinds of things!!!! DJ was all for putting his hand in the cement...SamSam, not so much! She was okay with the Vaseline on her hand, but when Shirah tried to put her hand in the cement she started freaking out! Such a girly girl! So hers has a mild hand print and LOTS of pretties in it, and DJ's has a great hand print and some choice pretties in his. I just love them! They need to set up for the next two days before we take them out of the mold, but here they are!

Jake and I left the house at 4:30 so we could be back in time for Shirah to catch a bus home...she is attending a costume birthday party (and her costume looks AWESOME!) and needed to get back to Seattle in time. Which worked out perfectly for us, as we got home, I got 5 mins to breathe and then get dinner going (I actually BBQ'd burgers!) and as I was doing the dishes my g/f Jackie showed up with my chocolate order from her party, and to bring us a bunch of balls she no longer wants kickin around her house. DJ was THRILLED! As she was visiting and chatting with me, my landlord came in as she was showing the house to prospective new tenants. They as lo have 3 kids, a 6 wk old, 3 yr old and what looked to be a 8 year DJ thought the little girl was here specifically to play with him, and off they went to play in his room! SO cute!!!! Not even sure this little girl spoke English, but she definitely spoke "kid" and "toy!" Seems like they like the place and have already put an application in! Sweet! Not that its any concern of ours, but it's nice to know another family will be in here. My poor house is a MESS too!!! I didn't even get time to vacuum....insane!

Now, Jake's showering, DJ's sleeping, Samantha's sleeping, Howie's on his way home from painting...he got DJ's room done now!, and I'm getting ready to sit and knit! I think Jake's going out, at which point the football will get switched off my TV and I'll rent a movie! I really want to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past! I like, OK, LOVE Matthew McConaughey...who doesn't!?!??! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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