Friday, October 23, 2009

He is definitely

A cookie monster! Altho, thief is more like it!! Today I made a batch of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookies. While the second tray of PB were in the oven and the first tray were cooling, I went downstairs to grab the clothes from the from the dryer and put the ones from the washer in the dryer....on my way up I see DJ run from the kitchen...sure enough! He thieved a cookie!! Or rather took two bites of one and put it back!

I know you're laughing! But I wasn't! You see, I'd told him he could have a cookie after he ate all his lunch, which was a half hour away....and he didn't listen! So, after lunch, I gave Samantha a cookie, and ate one myself in front of him. He did NOT like this method of punishment to say the least! In fact, he cried the whole time! And we talked about what he'd done and how he ruined it for himself!

During SamSam's nap I baked a batch of Chocolate chip cookies and while the last tray was cooling, I went to lay down. Not to sleep, but to rest and get warm. DJ did come lay with me, and used my bathroom twice, was in and out chatting with me. I got up and had a shower, and when I was done Samantha was awake too. Come back out to the kitchen and immediately notice he'd eaten a chocolate chip cookie and took one bite out of a PB one. He knew immediately he was in trouble when I called his name!!!

Today he's been testing my patience BIG TIME!!! He's also getting defiant! And saying "No!" in a way that would suggest "eff you!" or "make me!". He'll be lucky to see 4 at this point in the game!

Speaking of game...I missed the last "home" game of the season! It was a 5 pm game...Howie was at work...I had no sitter...and Jake's sick! He's got a low fever and scratchy throat and all that fun flu stuff that's going around. His mom is sick with it too! He played tho!! He was bound and determined to play because he was in the starting line up!

But because of the "sickies" he didn't come over for the weekend! It's a bummer too!! We're really missing him with no more Tuesdays!

So, while Howie worked, the kids and I had breakfast for dinner, and then a bath. I've been enjoying the quiet that is when they're sleeping! I love my kids to the end of eternity, but man they're so sweet when they're sleeping!

In case you're keeping score (Tiffany!) still no call from Clearwire....and the pants have now been washed special treatment stuff is still back at the old house, so I'll be getting that this weekend when we're there and washing them for a third time! I'll let ya know if it works! Man, I hope so! They're nice Olympic pants for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. It was kinda funny but I can totally understand how you'd be upset about that, he took something that he didn't ask for first AND after you told him he needed to eat first. Bad boy!!! But I can't say Hallie won't ever do this, she may as well. I think it must be an age thing, Hallie is pretty defiant in different ways...good for you foe being a good mama and refusing to let him get away with that one, I would have done the same.


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