Friday, October 23, 2009

its baaaaaack!!

Our night time habits...*sigh*! It seems DJ's back to his normal self and the little boy I bragged about who was doing SO well sleeping is no more!! Last nite he was crying on the floor outside our room at 4 am! Crying because we forgot about the child safety thing on our door knob. When Howie was putting up the blinds in our room he wanted to do it we put a door knob cover worked alright! So there I was shortly after 4 am, with no glasses on, trying to pry it off the handle silently, hoping to NOT wake Howie up!! Would have been quite the sight, I'm sure!

DJ settled quickly after peeing, and then joined me in bed when Howie got up shortly after 4:30...and took a bit then to settle. So I was awake for an hour...not my idea of fun!

Then, tonite as I was heading down the hall to go to bed, what do I find??
You guessed it!

DJ sleeping on the floor between his door and our door.

Other than the sleeping...its starting to look good around here! More stuff is getting put away/dealt with every day!! Jake's bed got put together tonite as he'll be with us this weekend. The kids rooms now have curtains up!! The mailbox is assembled (courtesy of moi!) and ready to be installed!!

And Mom, I have finally put that satin pillow case on my pillow!! Laying on as I type this out on my phone...its sooooo nice! In fact Howie asked where his was! Hahaha

Ok, my thumbs are done! I am done! Blogger is being a pain, so I'll post this asaic (as soon as I can)

Til next time...ciao!

Lucky you!! I checked before shutting off the light!!

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