Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larry the Cable Guy

Came to our house this afternoon...well, not the REAL Larry the Cable Guy, but the cable guy from Comcast, who could very well have been named Larry....I have no clue what his name is/was. In any case, he wired the kitchen with a new cable outlet for where we want the computer set up...maybe by Sunday I might be up and running over there, boy that'd be nice!!!!

Today we had no plans...and let me tell you, it was nice!!! I got two loads of laundry done, a load of dishes done, two kids bathed, and a shower for myself! We also took a walk this morning and dropped off 9 more Avon catalogs for my new neighbours. DJ tried to play with his friends, but they weren't home today, so he was quite bummed about that! I know she home schools, but I have no clue what their schedule is....and it sure is cute to watch my son walk across the yard, up the steps of their deck, and knock on the sliding door.

Howie didn't come home from work, instead he went to the old house for the last time!!! Did some minor cleaning up, and handed over the keys! It feels weird, and good, and like the end of an era! We'll call it the renting era!! DONE! It was a good run tho! lol

With Howie gone, that meant I got to do the bed time routine by myself! Sam's the easy one...she nurses/watches tv for 15 minutes, and then I lay her down in her bed, tuck in her bunny, and put her blanket on her, pat her bottom and say good nite and walk out. Yes, it's THAT easy!!! With DJ it's usually 2 or 3 books, prayers, songs, snuggles, and then his frog plays 6 minutes of lullabies. Tonite, The Great Pumpkin was on TV....and he chose to watch it (on til 8:30) instead of reading books. He enjoyed it, but I don't think he got it. And to be frank (not to be confused with Frank) its not really that great for kids to watch! They call each other stupid and block head, and hit each other, and yell....seriously! I was a little shocked really! Not to mention Snoopy pretending he's the Red Baron and going to war...what's up with that?!?! Good thing he didn't pay attention to that, and just watched it.

Howie got home 2 minutes before it was over, so DJ got to give him some love and then headed to bed. Howie ate dinner and then unloaded the very last of our stuff (mostly cleaning supplies) from the old house, and went to bed. He did inform me that he has vacation all next week!! I asked if I could start making a list of what needs to be done, but he denied me that pleasure and said we'd "wing it" and "play it by ear" GRRRR That means he's got stuff HE thinks is important, and more than likely involve outside work....when I want the inside (where we live) taken care of first...oh joy!

Now, I'm gonna snuggle under some blankets and watch TV....I finished my latest knitting project and trying to decide what's next.....Oh, I know, I should work on dish cloths for Christmas! done!

Til next time...ciao!

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