Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starting to feel more like

Home!!!! Today was a GOOD day!!! I didn't feel as exhausted (altho I need to go to bed earlier tonite!) and the weather was good, and my kids were semi-well behaved!!! Can't ask for more than that!!!

OH and DJ stayed in his own bed ALL nite again!!! AND we seem to have abandoned the whole gate thing...once he goes to bed, he stays in bed!!! I'm loving it!!!

This morning he popped out of his bed to wake me up around 7:30...and we heard SamSam just before 8, so we all got up! Today was pay day so I knew we were going grocery shopping...and exploring our new town! I swear, every time I drive down the highway 2 I see new stuff!!! Today we hit up Fred Meyer (I really do LOVE this store now!) and Albertsons. DJ got to go into Playland while in Freddy's and I kept Samantha with me...she's 4 months shy of being able to go in there...soon tho! Imagine the freedom I'll feel!!!! WOW! lol

After shopping we came home and did the lunch thing and then Sam took a nap. While she was sleeping, DJ and I got to work bringing boxes up and putting stuff away! In the end I think I emptied 16 or more boxes today!! Our closet is starting to look filled in! We also got DJ box of books up and his book shelf, but they didn't quite make onto the shelves!

Howie came home after stopping at Lowes to get us the stuff we need so I can finally do some laundry...its been 5 days!!! And I'm on limited clothing here, as someonewhowillremainnamelessHOWIE forgot my boxes in the bottom of our old closet....so I really need to get some done! Unfortunately, the dryer we bought didn't fit the socket that was there...so he took that one out (its 4 prong and our dryer is 3 prong) and he'll fix it tomorrow...so one more day! I can wash, but don't have anywhere to hang it...catch 22!!

Tonite, after dinner, Howie was puttin the bbq away and heard coyotes, so we went out to listen to them...DJ thought they were scary....so we told they are scary and that's why he can't go outside at nite without us! Let's hope it works!

Still no call from Clearwire....I'm thinking of calling the bank and putting a stop payment on that automatic payment schedule...maybe then they'll call me! And see how serious I am!

OK, Howie wants to try the wireless part of our set up here....and I wanted to get this published before he messed with the great connection I have right now!

Til next time...ciao!

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