Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our first guest

Came by the house today!!! My dear friend Shirah (love you!) drove up to check the new place out! And to help, which meant occupying Samantha while I worked on the kitchen cleaning the shelves and unpacking the boxes...which for me, was FUN!!!! Trying to figure out how I'm going to fill all those cupboards up, and discovering that the corner one really IS a lazy susan!!! I'm in kitchen heaven!!!! The pantry is for all my other kitchen gadgets and apparatus, as the lazy susan will be more than enough for my grocery surplus. Trying to figure out where to put the plates and glasses and everything else is fun for me too! I'll even have room for the good china and crystal!! Something I haven't seen since we moved in here...

This morning DJ woke me up at 2:45 to join me in bed....which was fine, except he didn't go right back to sleep...and wanted to talk...and didn't want to go back to his own bed....all of which woke Howie DJ took his spot and fell asleep finally, and Howie took the couch and I rolled over and slept til DJ woke up at 7...I then slept til just after 8 and got up. Finally a morning not covered with pee!! Both kids were doing good!

Our original plan was to head out to the house at 10am...HA! We didn't end up getting out of Lynnwood til 11:30!!!! And both kids fell asleep on the way in, so we let them sleep when we got to the house and went and got stuff done! I'm amazed by Howie's hearing as he heard DJ while inside...we left the truck window open and all the windows of the house open. Of course, my amazement is because of my impairment! I'm sure its normal to anyone else!

Howie got the pilot light going and we got heat instantly!!! Glorious, all over, uniform heat!!!! About an hour later we had hot water even!!! Howie and DJ worked downstairs bringing in the washer and dryer and using the shop vac to clean up all the dead bugs in the windows...blech! Oh, I forgot to mention the dead bird from yesterday!!!! I arrived and within 5 mins of being there discover a dead bird on the water hose wheel....EW!!!!!!!!! I then get told that it was DJ who discovered it and Howie put it there....Um WHY!??!?!?!! We have a HUGE blackberry area behind our house...perfect dead bird burial area!!!! BLECH!!!! Thankfully our cats are fully indoor cats! I can remember our cat from childhood would bring my mom "presents" all the time....I can't handle that! Snickers and Shylah brought us a dead squirrel when we first moved in here. OK, enough dead animal talk!!

We left the house shortly after 4 and headed to Home Depot to check on paint colours and prices of other things....picking paint was pretty easy....altho I keep wavering on DJ's room!!! There's this picture at the store of how to do a Lightning McQueen room....but he wants blue and we could just do a Cars border all around....oh the decisions!!

Once we got done with our window shopping...we didn't buy even tho there were no windows involved...well, you get the idea! We made a pit stop at Albertsons and bought a cheat dinner! It was already 6 pm and I absolutely HAD to bathe our dirty children!! Dinner was okay...the white meat was dry, but the dark meat was good! In fact, DJ ate a thigh AND a drumstick!!! He was a hungry kid!! After their bath they went straight to bed! and quite easily too! Then it was my turn to get clean!!! I was feeling jittery and needing to calm down, the hot water really helped!

Now, I'm enjoying some prime time....deciding what to make with some yarn I "found" in SamSam's closet that I'd forgotten about...ahhhhh I can create once again!!!! In fact, I'm gonna go get started!

Til next time...ciao!

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