Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving Day Part 1

We woke up this morning to a torrential that ruined our plans! As I type this, I'm still in the old house....all our boxes and whatnot are at the new house, but none of the big stuff went today....such is life! And the gal I had lined up to sit the kids, double booked herself and is on a kid AND husbandless weekend!! That trumps! So we had the kids with us while we loaded the truck. My g/f Jackie came and helped tremendously!!! I brought boxes to her at the door, and she took them to Howie in the truck...cut our work in half! I also think it went much quicker having her here to help too! Once the truck was loaded Howie took it to the new house by himself and I stayed back with the kids, did lunch and then put Sam down for a nap.

He did good by himself...with no help from DJ! In fact he was back alot sooner than I anticipated him being back! Which worked out perfectly as I planned on attending the photo taking madness that was the Homecoming dance. Morgin's mom came and picked me up and we went together....getting there early before the majority of the was all good! I got a few good if you're a friend on Facebook, check out the album...if not, here's a few I took with my phone too.

DJ had an odd nite last nite...I'd just gone to bed (REALLY late) and in he came at 2:05...I think I'd JUST nodded off....but when he came in, he went straight to where Snickers sleeps and laid down with her...ok....I thought he'd fall asleep there like he did a week ago....but noooooo he was bugging me within minutes. Asking to lay down with me and sleep on my which I whispered loudly NO! Explained that he needed to sleep in his own bed and that when it was morning he could come into my bed. He didn't need to pee, so I tucked him back in bed. Crawled back into bed myself and snuggled in to go to sleep and I kid you not, he was in our room again. 15 minutes had passed....he went to Snickers again and then came to me after a few minutes...saying he needed to off we went (I'm looking forward to having a bathroom IN my bedroom again!) and when I put him in bed I told him he wasn't allowed to get out again...I then stubbed my toe (OUCH) and went to was 2:25....I didn't budge one muscle again til 8:50....when I first looked at the clock I thought for sure it said 6:50....AND DJ wasn't in bed with me!!!!

I thought we'd be taking bed frames today, but that didn't pan out....but I did prepare DJ's bed for dismantling....and the cats REALLY enjoyed the high perch on top of the mattresses leaned up against the wall...and the monsters kids thought it was funny....SamSam kept saying "Down, down" but they weren't listening to her!

DJ has also been enjoying playing with the empty boxes...

Well, I'm on pick up duty for after the Homecoming 3 am!! OY!!! When I was 15....I'd have been lucky to be out past 11pm....and since when did these kids dictate the time they were to be picked up!??!?! He's lucky I'm not his full on mother....HA!

Til next time...ciao!

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