Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have some of the best

Girlfriends!!!!! Similar to Carrie on Sex and the City...but mine aren't fact, one of them is pregnant! The other, has already had 3 kids, and the last has one child, who came willingly to help clean! we're the much-later-in-life-married version. Oh, and we live on the opposite coast...oh, who am I kidding?? We're more like Desperate Housewives that don't live on the same street. And don't have affairs with each other's husbands. Or kill people. Or have suspicious neighbours. Again, who am I kidding? We're nothing like that either!

In any case, my heartfelt thanks go out to Jackie, Tiffany, Wyndi and Izzy as they lent us their elbow grease today in a Clean the Old House Up Party!!! In a few short hours MUCH was accomplished!!! The entire upstairs is cleaned, save for the carpets, which will be done on Tuesday and the hardwood floors, which will be done after the carpet cleaning. The downstairs is another story....All the stuff that was still in the house is now in Jake's room ready to be taken tomorrow...we brought a bunch of it today, as in laundry and coats and whatever else would fit. All the holes are patched and ready to be painted tomorrow. So its coming along nicely!

The kids and I headed out earlier than Howie, as he wanted some non-DJ-help time to work on the yard. So we stopped and dropped off some Avon catalogs on our way and got home shortly before 4. The ride home was nice....both kids fell asleep! In fact, when I pulled in, I had every intention of catching a few winks in the driver's seat, but the moment I got comfy Sam said "boo" and that was that! DJ woke up at 6:30 this morning and was up for the day. But he got two naps...he fell asleep on the way TO the house too! Lucky duck!

Howie and Jake (yes, he came today for the nite!) came home shortly after 5 and we got down to the business of dinner. And bed time could not come soon enough! Samantha was being insistent! She does have some Evanoff in her after all! I'm trying to get her used to wearing her costume for Halloween, as she's currently very afraid of it. Made for a few giggles on our part watching her freak out about it on. She did let me take her picture, but refused to smile for it!

Now, I'm enjoying listening to the washer and dryer do their business and watching TV with Jake while the other three are asleep in their beds (I do know SamSam IS sleeping, the other two....)

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I took quite possibly the cutest pic of all three of the kids together. Jake was reading to DJ on the couch, and Sam didn't want to be left out, so she climbed up there with the boys and sat on Jake while he read. SO cute!

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