Friday, October 9, 2009

My kids were actually

Angels tonite...not devils!!! Proof they are better for other people than they are for me! Shirah came and babysat the kids so I could go to Jake's football game. She came early so we could go to Joann's (craft store) before hand so she could get some stuff to "make" her dress a flapper dress...and of course I can't walk out of there without spending money! I got some cinnamon scented pine cones and two click together storage things for making my bows. Not too shabby! Then we came home and enjoyed the pork roast that was in the crock pot all day! YUM!!! I'd also had the foresight to put some pepper squash in the oven to roast...YUMMIER!!

Shortly after dinner I left and the kids kissed me good bye and didn't even protest one second to my being gone! In fact, I was told it took an hour before Samantha asked for me....sweet! And she went down like the most perfect baby! DJ on the other hand...did good til it was time for prayers and songs...he refused to do them with Shirah and ended up in tears missing me (awwww!) so they just talked instead and he said he'd wait til I got home to do his prayers (which he hasn't woken up for) and that was to dreamland he went! I could not have asked for it to go any smoother!! I'd rather they are easy than difficult...or we'd never have the same babysitter twice!

Now, we're home, we've eaten our winner treats (blizzards) and we're watching TV while Shirah works on her dress....soon to be in bed as we've got a LONG day tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

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