Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Verizon Wireless For the WIN!

Tonite I had the extreme pleasure (note the sarcasm) of taking Jake to Verizon Wireless because his phone was no longer even turning on...not good for a 15 y/o! If you have a teenager you already know how much they depend on their cell phones....and Jake went a WHOLE day without one! Thankfully, when we went to VZW we were told he might get a new one free, or at the most pay 50.00 for a replacement, but that we had to go to a different store that had techs in it....so off we went. Turns out he was able to get a free replacement!! YAY! But because he didn't have the back up assistant he would either have to lose all his stored contacts...or pay 10.00 to have them transfer them...or have his stepmom write them all out....guess which one he chose!!?!?!

If you picked "C"....you're right! So there I stood for probably a half hour writing out 149 contacts and their numbers! WHEW! AND when I got to the S's...he says to me "I should have just paid the 10.00 for them to transfer it" Say what!??!?! You're saying this now!?!?!! Ugh!

Today I finally took DJ for a MUCH needed hair cut!!! I swear, he looks like a totally different kid!!! He also looks like a hockey player!!! All the hair missing made his bumps and bruises more evident! Just last nite he did a number on his left eye...he came out of his room half asleep and tried to climb over the gate but missed and took it out and landed on it...oh the screaming!!! Howie had just gone to bed so he met me in the hall to see what was going on. He had to pee! So off we went to the bathroom and then I got some vanilla for his now visible wound! Thankfully he didn't break skin or it would have been a bloody mess! And thankfully he went back to sleep very quickly! Tonite, when I got home from the VZW run, he was already in bed...so I covered him and took his gate down just in case!

Oh....you wanna see pix of his new 'do!??!!?! hmmm okay! here's the before and after!

HUGE difference eh?? His head looks normal sized now!!! lol
We went and did the hair cut as soon as the salon opened at 10 am...that way we'd still make it to the 11 o'clock story time...which was FILLED to capacity!!! 25 kids again! I thought I'd luck out with a smaller group, but apparently not. It was still fun tho!! Aside from Miss Drama pulling her little crying fits...it's quite funny to watch actually....she throws her hands over his mouth, which is wide open in horror....and drops her head and looks up at you with this pitiful eyes....I'll have to get a picture of it one of these times! Who taught her this crap!??!! I don't do that! lol
Today was also Colour day at Jake's school...so each class (grade) was to dress up in a predetermined colour....sophomores were to dress in orange. And orange he did!!! WOW! He hit up Value Village (probably the only time he'd ever wear clothes from there) and got these TACKY orange and black striped tights...this furry orange shirt...neon orange shorts....and an orange hat! To top it all off, he painted his nails orange...of which his dad was NOT proud of!!! Oh it cracked me up!!!! I think its cute that he went all out to support homecoming week!

Now, I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet of my evening!! Watching TV, blogging, and my knitting sitting beside me...not a bad combo!!
Til next time...ciao!

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