Monday, October 5, 2009

On this harvest moon

While sitting at Jake's football game tonite out in Snohomish with this GORGEOUS mountainous view we watched a harvest moon, a full one at that, rise over the mountains. It was amazing to watch! I tried getting pix of it, but the lights of the field were in the way...and I couldn't go around to have the lights behind me. So you'll just have to take my word for it!
As soon as the moon made its debut I took the kids to the truck as it was VERY cold on the hill...and they were getting antsy...and I was freezing too! So while they watched Light McQueen...or in SamSam's lingo, GO!....I caught up on my phone with email and facebook and twitter. When Howie and Morgin came back from the game I discovered DJ had fallen asleep in his seat while Sam was chatting away at the movie.

Last nite was a miserable nite too...DJ woke up at 4 to pee...and apparently came back in and woke Howie up as I woke up around 7 with him flung over me...but he didn't wake til almost 8:30!! Which was nice except it was grocery day today! We didn't end up getting out of here til 10:30! SO late for me!!! We went to Home Depot first to check on a ceiling fan we saw that we were told would be on sale as it was a display...turns out it was a display go on display! Should have taken it at the price the dude quoted us last nite....hindsight...
Then we went to the bank...and then Walmart (where else?!?!) Why is it that whenever I walk in there its guaranteed an hour long trip!?!?!

Lunch was late, and that meant Sam's nap was late...but still good for her! She got two hours! Jake came over after school which allowed me to do the Costco run with just DJ in much quicker with just one!

Howie got home just in time to say Hi and Bye to Jake...he went to the school to catch the bus to the game. While we were getting ready we had a knock on the door...and it was Howie's old friend Bob came by to say "come check out what I just bought"....a motorcycle! *shakes head* Good thing I have a deal with Howie...the boat in our driveway IS his Harley!!!! HA!

Now I'm catching up on TV...and gonna go knit! intention is to

Til next time...ciao!

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