Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can they do it??

YES they can!!! And they did!!!!!!

Who am I talkin about??

Why, the Meadowdale Mavericks of course!!! They had their last football game of the year (scheduled) against Everett...I couldn't go, but Howie was able to because it's a Thursday instead of Friday and he worked a normal day today. BUT because the game was today I didn't have Shirah to help me out so I could go. She got one of those J O B's and is quite busy! Not to mention she's in school part time too! And taking the kids to the game was out of the question....they're just not old enough to understand that we want to watch the game, not them! And its just too cold out there for them this time of year.

So, I got phone updates at every quarter instead. End of 1st they were down 7 - 0 the half they were down 14-0 YIKES!!!! I guess whatever they said in the locker room during half time worked, by the end of the 3rd they were down 14-7....the next phone call I got had 6 seconds left in the game with a tied score of 14 and we had the ball on the 1 yd line....the final score? 17-14 for us!!! Whew!!!!! Way to pull it off Mavericks!!!!!

This was the highlight of my day....we did NOTHING today! OK, not nothing, I did unpack some stuff, and do the dishes and feed the kids and fold two loads of laundry....but the game calls were exciting!!!

It rained ALL day, so DJ didn't get to play with is neighvors (he's changed it now...) and he was bummed about that....hopefully soon we'll have the downstairs organized into the play room its supposed to be, he can have his neighvors over to play when it rains. One day....

Now, I;m going to go watch Grey's on caught up watching Blake Shelton's video for his new song Hillbilly Bone....just love this song!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. could you send up prayers for MckMama's little guy Stellan...he's back in the hospital and NOT doing well...there's a link to her blog on the left sidebar. He turned one today, what a milestone!

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