Friday, October 30, 2009

Ahhh Oooh

*sigh* that's how my 19 month old daughter says I love you....cute now isn't it?? And she'll say it while hugging you and during that hug, she'll more than likely pat your back or arm....just melts me! And lately, she's such a diva sometimes, if you ask her for a kiss, she'll offer you her cheek. HER CHEEK!!! like she's the queen or something!!! Little does she know, that I'M the queen of this house...she's simply a princess in training!!! Or am I the one in training...some days that line gets very blurry! Ah, who am I kidding...if she throws an Ahh Ohh at me, I'm done! She's got me trained!

This morning had an extra hour of sleep in it for me! Howie goes in late on Fridays so that means I get to sleep in...not a bad deal! Altho, the trade off is that I have to do the bed time thing on my own as he's still at work...but that extra hour snuggled in bed, LOVE it!!!! Oh, and remember how I told you about that satin pillow case my mom gave me....simply DIVINE!!!!! I really am enjoying it! It says on the package that it helps keep away sleep lines, and I have to say, that's true!! its also supposed to help your hair not get all matty and disheveled...again, true! And I just love how it feels on my skin!!! Thanks Mom!! (she reads my blog daily! Even tho she never calls me anymore...she knows what's going on with me....but I don't know anything about what's going on with her anymore, cuz she never calls me anymore....)

Once breakfast was done, and Howie was on his way to work, we headed out to do some minor shopping....the goal was speaker wire and a grommet....neither were attained! But I did get his stupid beer, dishwasher stuff (haven't had to buy that for a LONG time!) and more chocolate milk, and a few other odds and ends....DJ of course had a blast at the playland and coloured me a ghost picture. After Freddy's we went to Payless where I'd gotten a code from the Oprah show that enabled me 1/2 off my entire purchase!!!! Not a bad deal!!!! My goal there was to get winter boots for the kids...and I did get some for took all of 3 minutes to get as they're Lightning McQueen boots...SOLD! I could have gotten the same for Sam (and she probably would have liked them) but I didn't and the other "girl" boots there weren't that appealing. So I'll check at Walmart (where else!??!!) next time I actually get to one. Y'know, I'm almost going thru Walmart (where else?!?!) withdrawals!!! It's been about 3 weeks if not longer!!!

After Payless it was time for lunch, so Lowes would have to wait...and honestly, going to this store does not excite me the way it does Howie. While Sam was sleeping DJ tried to go over to his neighvor's house and see if they could play, and they sent him home...poor kid! I think they told him later tho as he wanted to keep his coat and hat on...but I persuaded him to take them off. Turns out, they came calling and he got to play with both boys for about 15 mins til they left to go somewhere...again, poor kid! At least he perks up easy with gold fish and chocolate milk!

After dinner I did the bath time routine before the bed time, it takes forever for my clothes to dry after bathing them! At least in the summer I can wear a tank top and avoid most of the sprinkles! But I do love how they smell!!!

Now, everyone's asleep and I'm watching re-runs of the Golden Girls...what a great show!!!! And my knitting needles aren't too far away either....once I'm done typing, I'm knitting!

Til next time...ciao!

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