Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I kept thinking today was Sunday

Right up til I left the house to go get propane for making dinner...then it finally dawned on me that it really was Monday! Man alive!

This morning Belle woke up whining just about 6:30...and it wasn't the kind you can ignore...she was full on whining like we were torturing her. Howie got up and took her out and stayed up with her while letting me sleep! I so needed it too! By 9:30 tho, he was tired and wanted to sleep again, so he got me up to be with all the little ones. The kids hadn't been fed yet, so I got right on that and we had breakfast.

I was doing good at reading Belle's signs and got her out plenty of times....Howie had issues this morning apparently...but if he watched her  instead of the tv he'd clue in more...just sayin. At least her poop is back to solid now! I'm still gonna give the pumpkin since I have the whole can, and it doesn't hurt them...plus it helps Snickers eat hers right away instead of grazing.

Jake was up about 10:30 and hit the road within 15 minutes of waking as he needed to go deal with his dog again. The kids were already outside and puppy was napping...what a nice break!!! I put on Rookie Blue and grabbed my knitting! Almost an unheard of thing for daylight hours!!! It didn't last long tho as Sam came in thirsty and she wanted to sit with me and watch a movie. So I put on Dora and we sat together...til Belle needed to go out that is.

Howie was up about 12:30 and I made us all lunch...Jake wasn't back yet, but it wasn't too long after that he showed up. He'd already eaten at his house, so that took care of that! Howie went outside to mow the lawn, and the kids were already outside playing, so Jake and I worked on his football profile in the website he's using. We've had a devil of a time uploading his highlight reel from last season...and even today we couldn't figure it out, and ended up putting it all in an envelope and he'll mail it off tomorrow. So about 4 I finally headed into town to get propane for the bbq for dinner...plus I had a nifty little coupon for Ben....can't let that go to waste...especially since they're so rare to find!

The place we normally go to for propane was closed...I'd missed it by a half hour!! Bummer!!! So I find another gas station that does propane and go in to ask about getting a fill up...its just there for decoration apparently as they had no one to pump it for me! How frustrating! So I had to do the exchange thing at Freddy's. Finally got home about 5:30 and we started dinner.

After I bathed the filthy kids and we put them to bed. My chores weren't done yet tho, I still had to make Howie's lunch for tomorrow...and coffee...and breakfast...I finally sat down just after 9 to relax! I can't even remember what Howie was watching, oh, some comedy show on CMT, which wasn't that funny, or we were too tired to think it was funny, either way, I waited patiently for him to go to bed so I could watch the B'ette!

Ahh the B'ette....Ashley, Ashley, Ashley....I think you're too young for this...and therefore easily swayed...by good looks, charm, ego, sad stories,  you name it!  But having a first date pretending to be an engaged couple who goes to a chapel in Vegas is in poor taste!! William was a good sport, but I'm sure he was freaking out on the inside!!!! The group date with the Jabbawockeez was fabulous! They had to work for that date! But Bentley!?!?! Come on girl! You can't tell by his body language that he's an asshole (pardon my french) and you think you're falling in love with him already!?!?! PUHLEEZE!!!!!!  And Jeff, dude, the mask has GOT to come off....I'm starting to think you'll look better with it ON! Seriously! And to the guys who didn't get a rose while mask man did, don't get pissy, it is what it is! OY!

I started skirt #6 yesterday and am already on the 2nd layer of it...I'm getting faster at the pattern and I'm getting better at knowing how much yarn I'll need to cast on that number of stitches! Whew!

Til next time...God bless!

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