Friday, May 6, 2011

All day I see titles in my head

Of what I want the day's post to read...and when I get in front of the computer, I'm blank!!! Kinda frustrating!!

Samantha was a PILL today! She woke up crying and I swear she didn't stop til she was in bed!! She was miserable!!! If anyone needs proof that 3 year old girls can PMS, I got the proof baby!!! A basket case about the littlest things!! Yes, they mostly made me laugh (I couldn't let her see that tho) and it was purely theatrical and SO over the top...but damn, she was miserable!! If ever there was a day where she should have stayed in bed, it was today!!

She got dressed before breakfast amongst tears about something or other...then after breakfast she and DJ were playing as usual, but because she was on Code RED, she wasn't handling his pushing/shoving/playing antics well. Every five seconds she was in hysterics "DJ hurt me!!!" Like I'm supposed to do something....and yes, there were times where I could tell by the gleam in his eye that he'd done it on purpose and he'd get punished, but most of the time it was accidental.

To try and change the mood, we got creative and finished up the bird houses we painted a while ago....I'd gotten them some sparkles to add to it and today I got the glue gun out and went to town! Where ever they wanted the gem, that's where I put questions asked! They had fun looking at it and saying "ummmm there!" and watching it go in place. They also did some colouring while waiting their turn...both of them are getting better at staying in the lines! Sam more than DJ believe it or not.

Before lunch they wanted a fort made in the living room...DJ dragged two chairs over and put the blue snuggie over them and called it his fort...not very big, so I modified it for him so that Sam could be in there too! Even got a clip out to secure the roof! He thought I was the best mom ever, might have even erased a "bad mommy" comment from earlier this week! THEN I earned even more brownie points and let them eat their lunch picnic style under the fort! I  have to say, it was nice to sit at the table and eat in peace! I even got the grocery  list made up.

Just after 2 we headed to town to get gas and groceries....Fred Meyer was the destination. Stopped by the school and got the gift cards for the tuition program (which I'm sad doesn't continue throughout the summer) and then we went to Freddy's. Put the kids in Play Land and off I went! I even had time to wander the kids clothing section. DJ has asked for a purple hooded jacket with Huskies on it...which I didn't see in his size...saw sweatshirts and t-shirts...but I have only looked one  place. While I was shopping I got a call from Howie that he was home early since he'd gone in perfect for him to have a quiet house! So when we got done with Fred we headed over to the dollar store and Albertsons to do more shopping. I got talked into sunglasses for both kids and a watch for SamSam! She'd gotten one from my mom and dad's last visit, but it was broken when we opened it, and it never got replaced. So, now she has a Pooh Bear watch!! Its currently in her jewelery box...keeping safe!

When we got home the histrionics continued...the kids played outside and before I could finish unloading the groceries she was in crying about something or other. Then she had to potty and she didn't bother going back out to play...just stayed in with me and Howie, who'd woken up only minutes earlier. Dinner was an ordeal for her...not for DJ, but for her....nothing was making her happy. She even got lippy with me at one point and was almost sent to her room, but she snapped out of it and behaved a bit.

I bathed them both after dinner and she was a chore...there's no such thing as a speedy bath in her world...and she didn't want lotion on after...and didn't want her hair combed til I told her we could very easily cut if off if she wouldn't let me comb it. Brushing her teeth made her did flossing...are you seeing the pattern of the day!?!?!?! I was THRILLED to tuck her into bed!! Gave her many kisses and shut the light out! DJ was already asleep when I went into his room, so he played himself to tired this afternoon. He was yawning up a storm in the bath too, so I knew he was more than ready for bed.

When I finally sat down we watched Idol results....HALLELUJAH Jacob's gone!!!!! Found it interesting that Scotty has never been in the bottom 3, just randomly put there...what a pit of the stomach feeling and then finding out it was all for naught! UGH! lol And Miss Lauren is ONLY 16!!!!!!! That's nuts!!! Now we're getting down to the wire and it'll be interesting to see how this plays out!  (Fifi, it was Hayley who sang House of the Rising Sun...not Lauren....but it did work, she's there for another week!! :) Just thought I'd comment here instead of after your comment...make sense?)

Grey's was good....two weddings for the price of one!!! PP was good also...didn't see the Vegas thing coming! It was cute tho! Then I finally watched this week's episode of The Good Wife...WOW!!!  just wow! It was good too!! Oh, and I finished off the second skirt I was making, but can't post pix of it til I give it as the baby you'll have to wait, but it sure looks cute!!! NOW I can finally make one for SamSam!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. right you are, duh fifi. Now, just remind me next week not to read yr blog before I watch the dvr'd results LOL But I too am glad Jacob's gone. I did like him to a point but he was too one=style for me


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