Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick run down of the day

DJ woke up at 6 which woke Belle up, and I thought she'd ignore it all, WRONG!! She was up! And started whining.

I get up (was hoping Howie would get up with her, but that wasn't happening) and take her out to potty...Snickers comes with us and takes off on me outside. Come back in and she starts eating her left over dinner with gusto...I wait til she's done at which point Snickers is back...we head back into the bedroom and she starts WHINING badly!! Didn't want to be back in the crate at all! Howie then gets up, DJ joins him and I try to get a couple more hours sleep. Which is impossible with children coming in to tell me that Belle pooped in the living room..and then again a second time...finally at 8:30 I get up.

No one's eaten, so I make us all ('cept for Jake as he's still sleeping soundly!) breakfast and then the kids get dressed. Day two of potty training isn't going so well, I'm either minutes late on the clock, or she's not giving off clues she needs to go...OR I'm just not picking up on her clues and need to figure them out.

The boys leave for a football combine thing down south about 11 and its just me and Sam, who's pissed she got left behind. So I put on a movie, and it just so happens Hotel For Dogs is on, she wants to watch it and we both fall asleep! I wake up about an hour later and get up, she keeps on sleeping. I finally wake her at 1 and realize she's peed the couch...LOVELY!!!! So instead of making lunch, I make her a bath and get her cleaned up.

After lunch we wear the puppy out so she'll nap while we're gone in the crate...then head out shopping. I have this lovely coupon for Ben for Memorial Day weekend and so we picked out some new rhinestones with our coupon...coloured ones! We also hit up Freddy's and pick up the last of the flyer sales before heading for home.

Get home and run Belle out right away...then find out from Howie that they won't be home for dinner at all, since the combine thing was running really late! He'd originally thought they'd be done at 2:30ish...ha! So Sam and I forge ourselves some dinner....while we're eating there's a knock at the door....Michaela has come over to play with Belle...who's more than happy to play with anyone!

Once she goes home I settle Sam with a banana and a movie while I hop in the shower. Then she and I sit and snuggle thru an episode of Caillou before I tuck her into bed. I then called to get an ETA on the boys and they're almost home, so I make Howie a salad and his lunch and wait for them to get home. It was well after 9 at this point. I get DJ ready for bed (he was a filthy chattering boy) and Jake hops in the shower to head out for the nite (guess he's not going to church with us) and Howie eats.  Just as I'm about to take Belle out, she'd already pooped. Get DJ in bed, listen to his tales, tuck him in....hug Jake good bye and tell him to behave and send him on his way. Then I painstakingly sort thru 750 multi-coloured 4mm rhinestones and separate them by colour groups. What a chore!! I then stand up and say out loud, gonna take Belle potty...I look over and she's shitting all over the dog bed in the living room...and since it's a food change, its also a poop change, lovely diarrhea! Oh it made me gag to clean that crap up!

Of course Howie's JUST gone to bed, and I'm sure he was laughing at I clean it up, wash my hands for the 39865739th time today...finally settle in and watch the movie I rented...No Strings Attached...what a great movie!!! Lots of HA moments that I might have been a little loud on...but it was funny!!! I won't get into detail on Ashton's butt...but that Demi sure is a lucky gal!! :D Good chick flick for sure!!!

The last potty has been done and she's snoozing at my feet, so I'm off to bed!! Lord willing DJ will sleep in past 6 what with going to bed at almost 10pm!

Til next time...God bless!

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