Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No use crying over spilled milk!

This morning I woke up to both kids in bed with me...I'm beginning to see a pattern here....they got up and went to the sippy cups I'd left them. About 45 minutes later they came back to me....and we snuggled for a bit...and of course talked about Rapunzel again...they're still digesting the whole story! Today's conversation was about the song "Mother knows best!!" and it was quite funny! Then we talked about breakfast, and then DJ asked if he could get it I said sure! I got up and took my time getting dressed, he came back in and said it was ready!

Boy, did he mean ready!!! Like READY ready! As in ready to eat!!!

He'd gotten the bowls down, poured us all cereal, AND the milk!!! If I'd known that, I wouldn't have puttered in the bathroom! If there's one thing I hate, its soggy cereal! Its why I don't do oatmeal!  blech! BUT, he'd done his damnest to be nice and wanted me to be proud of I cleaned up the spilled milk on the counter. His was extra full of milk, so I'm gonna assume he poured his first lol

We ate our breakfast and then the kids got dressed (spilled milk on pj's will do that to ya) and I got busy with Avon. Not sure why, but I'm struggling the last couple campaigns...wonder if the weather is getting everyone down. Whatever it is, better stop! Once my order was in we got ready to head out to do the pizza run....and the consignment drop...and the book drop...and the bank...

The kids are pros at the bank now....they ask for their windows down so they can say "hi"...which means they get a sucker...they're not stupid! Since they'd eaten pizza for lunch while we were driving around, a sucker was a "go" for them. The consignment shop took my big stuff, which is great, but kinda annoying when they think my clothes aren't up to par! :( I'm gonna get rid of them one way or another...and that means garage sale! But not my garage...the church is having one in June to raise money for perfect!

When we finally got home I was I made my lunch and chatted with my parents while eating...since tonite was an Avon meeting nite, I had soup and an open faced sandwich, but didn't eat the bread...just didn't appeal to me really. Then when I got off the phone I headed in for a shower. The meeting tonite was a bit unusual in that we weren't talking about anything was bingo nite...but on top of that, was a contest to see who could wear the most Avon. I had to write mine down so I wouldn't forget!! I nailed it!!! I had 37 things Avon on my person!! Now, normally I don't wear that much when I go out, but I decked myself out tonite :) it was all fun!

After the meeting we (I had my neighbour's girl and one of my local reps with me) stopped in to see Micheal...I had a couple coupons and was in need of some yarn to finish the skirt I'm making, a necessity...yeah, that's it! lol We got out of there relatively unscathed and headed for home. Dropped Jaime off and then took myself and Michaela home. Howie was still up, but not watching The Voice like I expected...he was caught up in some series on netflix! When he discovered the time, he went to bed! Once I was done his lunch stuffs, I sat down to watch The Voice....and knit!

The Voice...I just LOVE this concept!! And apparently I'm not alone as quite a few on my newsfeed in fb are raving about it too! Some really great voices! and some not so great ones...but thankfully the judges have good ears!  Now all 4 have their teams and next week its battle week...should be interesting.  Glee was good too...I've got one of the songs they sang stuck in my head...You can go your own way....there, I shared it, hopefully it'll leave my head now! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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