Saturday, May 7, 2011

Slight detour day

This morning I woke up to the sound of Howie in the bathroom...he didn't wake me...the one morning I had more to do than just make breakfast and he didn't wake me!! Thankfully I had enough time, but I was in a bit of a panic for a bit there. My Avon came before we ate...I really do love how early in the day it arrives! So, once Howie was well on his way to work, I dove into the box and sorted everything out, and got all my books ready to go. The kids wanted another fort, so I built one and they took it even further...laid down a snuggie and then used the 3rd one we have for a blanket...SO freakin cute!!!

They wanted lunch in the fort again, but I said  no, and made a compromise that they could have their promised freezie in there after lunch...which worked all around! As soon as I was done with my lunch I went and took a shower to get ready to leave for the afternoon. I wasn't done and they were banging on the bathroom wall we share just to see if I'd knock back. When I opened the door, DJ fell in the room cuz he'd been leaning against the door...and Sam was right there with him waiting. I got them to get their coats and shoes on and get ready to go...somehow they heard "go fight in the front hall and break Sam's beaded bracelet and make a mess!" Yeah, that's what fun! Then I got told "just stay up there mama, we're cleaning this mess up!"

We finally got on the road and headed into town...first stop was the salon to drop off books and deliveries...then to the bank, the kids seem to think I go there specifically for them to get a sucker, and then to the co-op to drop off books and check out puppy food prices. Then to DJ's school to drop off books for tomorrow's auction we're not attending at 25.00 a plate of food we can't eat. Then to the main reason of today, costco!! Sam fell asleep somewhere between the school and costco, so when we got there, I sat for 10 minutes to let her sleep some more. She woke up fairly well for it being such a short nap. They both were hungry (it never ends!) and so they enjoyed the sampling while I shopped. Thankfully it was short trip today and I was done in under an hour! Not too shabby!

The next step was to meet up with my g/f who was running low on gas....and thankfully she's about 10 mins from costco, so we meet her at Safeway, which is convenient as I had two things on the list for there. From there we drive her to the only gas station in town (its that small where she is) and then drive her back to her truck. I drive away realizing the main reason for seeing her was still in my pocket, so we turn around and head back to her. She'd given me a great shortcut back to the highway I wanted and it was smooth sailing....til that highway where it bottlenecks and congests. ugh! Finally we get moving and head to Freddy's where I'm to be picking up an Avon return. So while we're there, I had the stupidest idea to let the kids pick out a birthday present for the boy who's party we're attending next weekend. I hereby solemnly SWEAR that I won't be taking these two hellions into Toys R Us ever!!! They forgot what the task at hand was!! They got so self centered it was unreal! Even my baby girl!!! She found Barbie and that's all she could think about...finally we found something that we all agreed on! I even scored a future gift for someone down the line...too good a deal to pass up!

When we got back in the truck I was thoroughly shocked it was 7 pm already!!! HOW did that happen!?!?!?! Since it was so late, I stopped at McD's and got the kids nuggets and fries...they thought that was fantastic!! I made two book drop stops on the way home and finally we pulled into our driveway! I dropped DJ off to get the garbage cans and bring them up to the house...he did all 3and got 3 quarters for the deal! Then he suggested I give 3 to Sam too, to be fair...sweet, but its gonna break the bank! lol Since they were still  hungry I suggested an apple and peanut butter...AFTER they cleaned up the "fort" from this afternoon. I'd eaten the South Beach bar that was in my purse when they had McD's so I was still hungry. Since I didn't feel like making anything, or heating anything, I had a bowl of cereal with strawberries....YUM!!! When I got done it was bed time for the kiddos. I was just finishing teeth when Howie came in undetected by the kids....til we sat down to read some books. Then they heard him when they stopped talking...funny how that works! lol

They went to sleep quickly and I got Howie his dinner and chatted his ear off...then we sat and watched tv together for a bit. I've started a skirt for SamSam which took me two cast on tries to get it right. I'm just not good at gauging for 220 stitches!  About 10 Howie went to bed, so I took over the dvr and got some stuff watched. The Mentalist is always entertaining! I can never figure it out! Then I watched Friday Night Lights which was also sad this is its final season. Last but not least, Blue Bloods...I'm enjoying the underlying story line. I got a good two inches done on the skirt and I'm calling it a day!!

Til next time...God bless!

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