Saturday, May 28, 2011

And they call it puppy love

Today I got to sleep in since its Friday....I did wake when the kids came in to get Howie, but easily went back to sleep with no trouble! I was up tho before Howie came to get me, guess I'd gotten enough sleep. Gave me plenty of time to make us breakfast...the kids had already eaten...and were dressed! I sure do love Friday mornings! Guess they'll be coming to an end too once school starts.

From the time I got up today the kids started asking if it was time to go get Northern Belle....I'd decided to wait til after lunch...that way we could play with her for a couple hours, have her nap while we ran an errand, and then play with her for another couple hours and then it would be the kids' bed time and so on...but that didn't stop them from taking turns asking me every 5 minutes! Sheesh!!!

FINALLY it was lunch time....and they were doing good about eating til half way thru, at which point I was done and got up and said I was going to get Northern Belle and they had to stay here and eat their lunch. Oh the crying that happened!!! Begging "please mummy, no, don't go yet!!!"  It was funny! DJ hustled buns and ate quick...Sam then asked for help with her carrots and we were off! It wasn't til we were outside that I realized Larry was chopping wood again, so he stopped and walked us to his place to get her. Then he carried her back here and put her down in our driveway...she started shaking then. Poor thing. I scooped her up (ALL the kids were outside) and brought her in the house...perfect plan too since DJ and Sam were outside...that way it was just, Belle and Snickers.

Snickers started drooling the instant Belle came in the house....and giving me the stink eye. Man, was she pissed at me! She'd still come over to me, and let me pet her, but if Belle tried going near her, no way! Never barked, or growled at Belle, just ignored her and drooled worse than either of my kids in teething stage! The cats were no where to be found...ha!

I tried taking Belle out for potty, but it was too distracting out there, and Mike had the weed whacker going and she got gun shy...but that sure didn't stop her from coming in and relieving herself...darn it! I scolded her and told her no and picked up her stinky poop. The kids came in with me after we first tried the potty thing. So I had the timing right, just not the location!!! Snickers went outside and that let the kids have a good time getting acquainted with Belle...who was good with them til the moved too quickly or yelled too loudly, then she was in my lap!

She crashed for a nap just after 4, and at 4:30 I moved her to the crate in my room as we were heading out for an hour. Not one whine or whimper, she just curled up with the two teddies in there and went back to sleep. When we got back however, she was crying for me. I got her out and took outside right away and got that potty!!! Almost as exciting as teaching the She didn't want a treat tho, just looked away from it...gonna have to pick up some puppy treats as opposed to Snickers treats.

Jake came for dinner (he's staying the weekend) and while we ate, so did the dogs...she got a little nervous eating with us, and kept thinking we were gonna take it away....and I'm sure she's not used to having ALL the food for herself since she was sharing with 7 other pups. She didn't eat half of what I put down for her, but that's okay. Snickers ate most of hers, and then I'd see Belle pick up a piece and play with it in the living room til it softened and then she ate it. Cute!  Exactly 20 minutes after dinner I took her out again and got another successful potty from her...YAY!!!!  Came back in and everyone played with her a bit before the kids went to bed.

Now, normally, once the kids are in bed, the cats come out...Jasper came out til he saw Belle and then hightailed it back to the end of the hall by the gate on our door, just in case he needed to hide behind it. Belle could care less tho. Howie came home and she was all about loving him sweet! Then we sat down and picked out a movie on guy movie/documentary all about Afghanistan...they both fell asleep half way thru it, so I woke Howie and shut the movie down. Of course it was then too late for me to start a movie that I'd want to watch...dangnabit! Instead I took Belle out again and got another potty from her...this is so awesome for first day!

Then I watched Friday Night Lights and enjoyed knitting as I'd finished up skirt 5 (save for elastic as I have none) and didn't feel like starting another one tonite. Plus I had Jasper on my lap and he needed some loving with Belle at my feet.

My post last nite got cut off thanks to losing Internet on the computer....but I did watch So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and saw some serious talent!! Thankfully they showcased that talent rather and the idiots (and I say that nicely as I can neither dance well, nor am I an idiot who thinks she can!) who can't dance! There was this one dude tho who must have been named after someone in Shrek...but I don't think Shrek has been out long enough yet...this kid's name was D'onQue...which would be the french pronunciation for what?....DONKEY!!! Seriously!! Who names their kid this!?!? OY!

Til next time...God bless!

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