Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making new tracks!

This morning I was awoken by Howie after some pretty wonderful sleep!! Been a while since I've slept so deeply and uninterrupted!! I didn't even hear the kids wake up, and I'm told DJ was up at 6:30 and SamSam was up at 7...if ya ask me, I think they're too excited to wake up when they know it's Daddy at home, but that's just a wild guess. In any case, Howie was in a hurry and wanted to make a stop before work so I didn't have time to make our usual breakfast, not even an egg mcmuffin, which DJ had requested, so he went off to work with a bar in hand.

Wasn't long after we were done eating that the doorbell rang...only it wasn't the boys next door, it was my Avon delivery....which I brought in and started sorting right away. After 44 campaigns, it still feels like Christmas when I open those boxes and start checking stuff out! I got a bunch of goody bag stuff for DJ's party...for which he is super excited for!! He keeps asking me if certain kids are coming to his party so he can see sweet!

It was another GORGEOUS day today, and the kids were out about 9:15 playing...I put sunscreen on them this time since Sam was baring more skin...DJ's got Howie's colouring and is forever tanned, but Sam got mine and she's pasty white, so I was worried for her. Once she gets a base, I won't be so worried....and she's already showing some colour on her face and arms....she's just so beautiful!!

The kids had another picnic on the back deck while I ate inside and enjoyed listening to them. About 2 I was finally ready to head out and get some Avoning done...and this time I had no clue where I was going customer in a new place I've never driven to...thank God for Blackberry and its Maps app...saved my bacon! Sam fell asleep on the way to Bothell, and while I was in chatting with the client, DJ fell asleep too, so when I got back in the truck it was heaven!! :D This was a good thing it was so quiet as I had NO clue how to get from where I was to where I needed to go, but thanks to the map app I got there with no harm done! They both woke up just as I was pulling into the driveway of my Hearing Center...and they needed to pee, so they came in with me and used the facilities...while I was chatting with my client, they were the most wonderful children!! I turned around and they were sitting quietly on the chairs waiting for me to be done. Truly awesome!

We got back in the truck and headed to costco to do the grocery shopping. Now, I'm one who shops with a list and I don't typically stray from it, but these memory foam bath mats caught my eye and I took one down and stood on it...PURE HEAVEN!!!! Made by the makers of Memory Foam, the bed, I got one!!! When we finally got home after making one last delivery on the way home, I put it on the kitchen floor in front of the sink just to put it somewhere and Samantha stepped on it and was instantly in love! She then laid down on it and was snuggling it...hahahaha, yes, I took a picture!! Cracked me right up!! Then while I'm making dinner they're both sitting on it and playing with their cars, it was their safe island...DJ even said we needed this in the living room! Y'know, come to think of it, memory foam carpet isn't a bad idea....

Since Howie works late on Fridays, I started bed prep about 10 to 8, and was pleased when I looked again and it was 8:30 when I was tucking Sam in...not too shabby! And even with their naps, they went to bed easily! Of course, that was ruined with the arrival of he did the final tucking in and not another peep from either of them! After Howie was done eating we watched Big Bang Theory's season finale which was quite funny!! Then we watched the two hour season finale of The Mentalist....what a captivating finale!! I was on the edge of my seat...I couldn't even knit for fear of missing something or messing up the skirt! It was that good!!! Whew!  And I was surprised Howie watched the whole two hours with me...he went to bed as soon as it was done tho. And I watched Friday Night really sux this is their last season! I like this show even if it is about football! I did pull out the knitting and got some work done on the current skirt...can't sit there ALL nite with idle hands!

Til next time...God bless!

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