Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached!

This morning I woke up far too early to the boy sandwich!!! I've decided I don't like waking up on hurts! I moved DJ to the middle once I saw it was only 5:30....then I had to get up and pee in order to go back to sleep! Then one by one they both left the bed and I swear it was seconds before Howie was waking me up at 9! blah!

Once Howie left for work the kids got dressed to go out and play...while they were eating (they waited for me to eat) there was a knock at the door and K wanted them to come they were out pretty much as soon as Howie left for work. I had the windows open and the tv off...what a fabulous start to the day!!! The sunshine was more than welcome considering its day 2 of sun!! Nice!!

I puttered in the house, got more laundry going, got the dishes loaded that were dirty, and did my Avon emails and got them sent out. Lunch was on the back deck...first picnic at the table for this year!!! We even had K join us for lunch....they were having a blast eating outside! Sam came in to have me help with her carrots, but that's understandable! Hmmm I'm just now wondering what happened to her fork...gonna have to check down on the grass lol. While she was eating DJ came in to tell her that Michaela wanted to paint her nails for her...she finished fast and got back out there!

About 2 I decided we were going into town finally...had a few errands to run, and dog food was of the utmost importance! So I got in the truck and went to the end of the neighbour's drive to pick them up...and they were no where to be found! Rascals!! DJ finally came around and got in the truck. It helped that the neighbours were going on a bike ride, so they were leaving too, which makes DJ feel like he's not missing out. Another few minutes and Sam came around the front too...she thought I'd left without her and was somewhat upset and happy to see me at the same time! We were about to take off when I saw Snickers still out...I swear I put her in the house!! So I put her in the back of the truck and off we went.

I got to the bank first and realized I'd left the cheque to be cashed in the kitchen, so we bypassed the bank...then got to Freddy's when I realized I'd left my triple points coupon at home...and Snickers was going a bit batty in the back of the truck, so we headed home to fix things. Dropped the dog off....picked up the cheque, and juice for the kids, unloaded the trunk of the stuff in it, and checked mail, which was good as there was another cheque in there for me. Both kids fell asleep on the way back home, so I did the bank and the dog food while they slept, and they both woke up as we were pulling into Freddy's....they got their juice and weren't cranky.

I got some veggie starts to get planted in the garden...oh this excites me!!!! We walked around the whole store pretty much...pop was on sale, and when DJ asked if I could get root beer, I said yes and he about fell on the floor he was so excited! Sometimes its the little things for him. When we checked it out I was thrilled to see my 84 dollar bill drop down to 58 thanks to coupons!!! Gotta love that game! BUT I forgot to get a rain check for the spices I wanted, and it wasn't til we were walking out of the store that I remembered that the coupon I'd gone back home for was still sitting on the front passenger seat...OY!! So we head out to unload and grab the coupon, and headed back in to get the "free" item I'd forgotten to we're walking back to the cashier I realized that that stupid coupon was STILL on the front seat! SO frustrating!!!! Back out we go to get it, and then head to customer service, which was thankfully free of any people so I got seen right away. See what I mean, if my head wasn't

When we got home the boys were outside playing, so my two joined them and I unloaded everything and got dinner going...slowly since they were having fun. I called them in for 7 to eat dinner and the boys next door got called in to their house perfect timing. After they were done eating I bathed them both and as I was drying DJ off Howie came home from work...and informed me that Miss Samantha was outside in her pj's....not sure what that was all about, but not impressed! Howie ate while I read a book to the kids, one I'm gonna accidentally lose, as I don't care for its "Last one there is a rotten egg" and the spiteful things it says too...I get that it's a lesson book, but they don't need the lesson on the attitude before the lesson on how its bad! Maybe its just me...who knows.

When I came out from tucking a stalling Samantha into bed Howie was watching The Voice from two weeks ago...and well, its Blake Shelton, so there was no complaints from me! :D I just got out my knitting and started the 4th skirt in as many weeks, I think...and I've got the pattern memorized completely!! Pretty easy! I love easy! Especially when it comes to knitting! I didn't get the elastic done on Sam's skirt yet. Ironically, I got a post card in the mail from the fair about entering items this that's kinda kool the timing of it!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. If you want an amazing book to read the kids, that you will enjoy as much as they do, look for Stella Luna. Its about a little bat (dont worry, its a very cute bat) who gets adopted by robins. The artwork is absolutely beautiful & the story is sweet and loving.


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