Monday, May 2, 2011

Talk about BUSY!!

This morning I was wakened by Samantha yelling for me from the was 6:47, not really an ideal time of day to be pooping, but she did! I convinced her then to come back to my bed and go back to sleep as it wasn't time to get up yet. Miraculously, she did!!! And the three of us (DJ was in there too!) didn't get up til after 8:30!! What bliss after getting up at 4 am the morning previous!

We got up and got right to breakfast...and then they got dressed. Samantha was beyond excited to finally wear her Easter dress!!! Dizzyingly so...she kept twirling and twirling! DJ looked dapper in his shirt and pants...what good lookin kids! Then I hopped in the shower and got ready myself. We were late getting out the door, and arrived half way thru music time, but we made it! And I remembered the baby blanket I made for a lady in the church who just had her baby last Wednesday.

After church we went home and Howie was waiting for us...he had to work today so wasn't able to attend service with us...but that's also why he had Thursday off. So I got busy feeding everyone and then got the kids changed. We were on our way up the street to go see Belle!!! Its been two weeks and I was anxious to see how much she's grown! Its incredible!!! She's twice the size of what we saw two weeks ago...still a little lover tho! She just snuggled right into Howie's neck when he picked her up! Mine too when I got my hands on her...I even got puppy kisses on the neck...SO sweet!!! The kids each got to hold her and we watched her romp around in the yard. She tried biting at their knees when they were sitting on the ground...and my bare ankles when she found me, those teeth may be small, but they are sharp! Good thing I've already got the bitter spray bought! We're gonna need it!

We walked home and I got Sam back into her party dress, we had a birthday party to attend. Got the gift ready to go and off the 3 of us went! Howie's got the kids' sinus infection crap, so he stayed behind and did yard work...or rather, dandelion control! They're nuts out here this year!!! Popping up literally over nite! We've got a buyer for the firewood, so there's no more work to be done with that...just waiting for him to come get it. Sweet!

We were 3rd to arrive at the party, and I couldn't get over how bit Nola is!!!! I think the last time we saw them was 8 months ago...babies grow HUGE in that time!!! She's a bit deceiving, she's quiet and calm til you don't give her what she wants...then the shrieking starts! I don't miss those days one bit! With Sam tho, I didn't have my hearing aids in most of the, they were was she loud!!! She did awesome with her smash cake tho!!! Wyndi had thought of it all too...had regular cake, specialty cupcakes, and gluten free cupcakes...just no sugarless ones! lol The kids thoroughly enjoyed their piece of cake! And asked to take a cupcake home too! The two of them enjoyed playing with everyone else, we were outside at the beginning (GORGEOUS day here!!) and their backyard had a creative, so Sam enjoyed the swing immensely! DJ and another boy played well on the climbing stuff.

We left there later than anticipated, but since they'd both eaten something at 4, I wasn't in a rush to get home for dinner...and since it wasn't a bath nite, again, no hurry. We got home about 6:30 and Howie had dinner well under way. I jumped in for the veggies but he had the burgers done before I could blink! Sam started running a fever again, 99.1 this time, so she didn't eat much, which is fine with me. Once they were done, the 3 of us hopped back in the truck and went to the shed to shop, and came home. Once home it was pj time! Poor miserable Samantha....she fought valiantly, but I won and she went to bed. She's not dealing well with all the light outside at bedtime...keeps telling me its NOT bedtime!!! Smart cookie she is!

Once they were in bed, I joined Howie in watching was then that I learned via text that Bin Laden had been killed. Talk about history in the making!! Then I discover that 66 years ago today, Hitler was killed too! Not a good day for bad guys! And it ruined my evening programs! Almost missed Amazing Race, but they just pushed it back an hour and I caught it, whew! They also did the same to Desperate Housewives, and omitted Brothers & Sisters entirely. Oh well, just meant I had time to watch Army Wives. And knit the whole nite away!

Til next time...God bless!

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