Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Puppy Free day!

And yet, it wasn't!

This morning I had the extreme pleasure of getting up with the kids right when they woke up as Howie had just gotten into bed minutes before. And then, I had the wonderful task of keeping them quiet while he slept. Do you sense the sarcasm here?? While I thoroughly enjoyed the bed to myself (I don't think I moved one muscle the entire time!) the kicker is that keeping the kids quiet on a grey, no neighbours home day, isn't fun! After breakfast they each chose a movie...DJ picked Bambi, and Sam chose Barney...they were surprisingly good for Bambi, but the sitting quietly part got old for them by the time Barney came on. Can't say as I blame them! I was getting antsy too!

An hour before we were supposed to wake him, he came strolling down the hall. Finally the ban was lifted...and the lunatics went wild!!!! That saying, "the natives grew restless" really is true!! We talked about our day and what was in store for it...since there was no plans really. So after Howie bbq'd us some burgers for lunch, he headed outside to work on splitting wood, and the kids then did the in and out thing.  While they were mostly out, I got busy getting the crate in position for Belle's arrival tomorrow....and vacuuming every square inch so she can't find things to chew on, eat and later upheave. I picked up everything she's not allowed to have and sorted thru it...namely my knitting stuff! The crate fit perfectly next to my night table, Snickers will have to shift, but she's pretty good about that sort of thing....I hope! I did the new position for today, so she can get one nite sans puppy to figure it out.

About 4 I grabbed a shower to get ready for my Avon meeting in town...and Sam came into my BAWLING that Daddy said she was too little to go for a bike ride on the hill by herself...and I agree with him I looked at the clock and told her I'd take her. Well, that made her day!! She then became my personal cheer leader urging me to get dressed faster! lol  While we headed out the door, Howie hopped in the shower to clean up after working outside. The sun did make an appearance today, but not long enough, or warm enough! 

Off we went to the top of our street...which is where Belle is...and the boys had already been in to see her (D, K and DJ) and while we were there, Larry asked if we'd mind all the puppies so he could clean out the kennel. If you've never done this...its impossible NOT to smile when watching 8 puppies all roly poly and falling everywhere chasing 4 kids around. It was hilarious!!!! I kept counting them to make sure we didn't lose one...and only ever came up with was under the shed, sneaky guy! Belle came right to me too...oh that was awesome!! Of course I bent down to pet her and got mauled by 3 other pups wanting attention! At one point Larry was on the ground with a couple, and they knocked him over, he then had 6 pups climbing all over his face, chewing his glasses, knocking his hat off, and pullint at his hair...oh it was a sight!!! Quite funny too! One of them scared Sam...she must have had something in her shoe, so she sat down to take it off, and when she did one of the pups came up and put its paws on her shoulders and scared her...she came running to me with her shoe in her hand crying the whole way. Rounding them up was a chore too! That's when we found the 8th one under the shed.

We bid our goodbyes and headed for home before the big drops of rain came got dark fast! I then changed coats (mine smelled like puppy) and grabbed my purse and headed off for town. Met with Michaela and went into the restaurant to get settled. The meeting was good...and lotsa freebies for me this time too!! LOVE that!

Til next time...God bless!

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