Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NoBelle Peace Prize

Last nite I put a towel over the crate when I put Belle down for the nite, and it whining! Plus she was still half asleep when I put her in there to begin with. So this morning when she woke me at 7:30 I was pleasantly surprised at the time...AND that she didn't wake when Howie got up for work! That in itself is AWESOME!!!! So I got up, went pee and was coming out of the bathroom to her whining getting louder, and Howie getting her out of the crate....what a surprise!!! He got today off for working Sunday so he took her out and did the morning routine!!!! I hopped right back into bed! I did have a bit of trouble falling back to sleep I was so excited to be back in bed.

Just before 10 I woke again and got up for the day....since it was an Avon day, I was instantly busy making calls and sending emails. And even tho it felt like a Monday, I still had the pizza run to I fed the kids and I lunch (Howie was out being manly with the chainsaw) and put Belle in her crate for a nap and Sam and I took off to do the run. DJ chose to stay behind just in case he could play with the boys next door....which I ran into in town lol. Samantha TOTALLY surprised me today...quite a bit actually! Her cognitive skills are growing leaps and bounds...when I talk to DJ about directions and roads and whatnot, she's just sitting there taking it all in. Today she noticed within seconds that we were going the wrong way on the way to the school where we drop books and pizzas...until I told her I chose to go this way to see where the road went.

Then on the way back to the shed...she gave me directions!!!! She knew where we were, and where we were going and how to get there! DANG!!!! That had me smiling from ear to ear!!! She then promptly fell asleep once we were at the shed and I was inside dating the pizza and putting them away. So, she got a good 45 min nap til we got home. And wouldn't ya know it, she peed while sleeping...darnit! This made her a wee bit cranky getting into the house and getting her changed. Her mood changed tho once Belle came to say hi to her...and I just LOVE how Sam says "aw, she's so cute!!!" and pats her on the head and walks away.

DJ was busy outside playing when we got home, so once Sam was changed, she joined him. It was raining, so Howie was in the garage working on stuff, and I got the dishes going. Sam came back in once the rain started and she and I worked on her letters in the dry erase books....she's not recognizing the letters yet...other than the letter O...that's the only one she knows! Sometimes she'll throw the right letter at me, but I can tell its just a guess and not a sight thing. Good thing I've got two years to work with her on it!

Once the dishwasher was done its thing, I went and grabbed a shower and got ready to head out. Tonite I had an Avon meeting in Mt Vernon, which is about an hour and a half away...and I had 3 other reps going with me. The meeting was good (kind of a repeat of the one I saw down south last year) and I was the first ticket drawing me a cute necklace/earring set!! Jaime won something (my rep) and Michaela got a sample box for having an answer (and being cute) that I gave her....not bad for 3 of the 4 of us in one car to come home with something. The room was packed too!!

We got home just before 10:30 and Howie was still up waiting for me....Belle showed her appreciation for me return home by peeing AND pooping in the hall outside the bedroom door waiting for me to get changed. How long does puppy potty training last!??!?! I swear she's gonna think her name is NoBelle! As in NO! Belle!! *shakes head*

After Howie went to bed I worked on getting my books stamped and dated for the next campaign...and then finally knit a whole 3 rows on the skirt before calling it a nite! Whew! I'm beat!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Ohmygosh! Sam knows how to get around better than my 17yr old. LOL!

    How long does puppy training last???? Depends on the lab was quick, but my greyhound. BIG SIGH! It was WAAAAYY too long!


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