Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She melts my heart!!

Samantha has recently embraced her expressions for love and I can't tell you how awesome that is!! For a while there we were getting side hugs and cheek kisses...and she'd have to be reminded to say I love you back to us, which at this age isn't something you're supposed to be dealing with!

This morning I woke up in a lot of pain from my hernia...made walking even difficult! So when breakfast was done, and the kids asked to go next door, I said sure and headed to the couch. But they didn't get to go in, and came back with promises that when K and C were done their breakfast, they would come over. So the three of us watched tv til they did...I was on the couch and the kids were each in a chair. They knew I wasn't feeling well, but this perplexed DJ as I didn't have a fever...lol The boys did come over (after I got a call from next door to see what about me wasn't feeling well lol) and the 4 of them got along famously!!! Today was a good day for the four amigos!! Which was HUGELY helpful to me! They were upstairs watching tv, then they'd go downstairs to play, and back and forth and it was good! No tears, no yelling, nothing!! The boys did go home at one point to go to the bathroom (not sure why they don't use ours...) and they came back for lunch.

Between the 4 of them, they ate an entire Hawaiian pizza!! And shared a bowl of mixed goldfish (the real ones are long gone now!) and drank lots of apple juice! But again, they were getting along SO well!! After lunch they kept on playing, only this time they were bringing toys upstairs from downstairs...and piling them for whatever reason....so when they asked to play xBox I said sure "after you clean this all up!" and the four of them did just that!!! Now, to be fair, I haven't been downstairs to see if they just dumped it all,  or if they put it all away....but still, they did good up here!  The two older boys started playing the games while the two younger ones watched. At this point Sam came to see me and sit with me at the computer. She just kept hugging me and kissing me all over my face, and saying "I just love you SO much" and making up songs about loving me....it completely MELTED me!!! I had tears in my eyes it was just so overwhelming!!!!! What a sweet little girl!! Thank God her manipulating skills haven't set in and she didn't want anything, she was just expressing herself! I loved every second of it too!!!

DJ got a lesson in losing....he lost just about every game to K and wasn't pleased, but I explained that he can't win everything all the time!! And he did okay with that...and kept on playing with K even when he got beat. They bowled, did track, raced cars and danced among other things! All in all, they had fun!! Howie came home from work and they all went running next door! I'd had them here since 10ish, so I was quite happy to have a kid free hour! During which I got dinner prepped and made some Avon calls. A productive hour I'd say! They came back just as we were setting the table.

After dinner I bathed them both and then hopped in the shower while Howie put them to bed! Then came out to watch DWTS...sadly, I think it's Ralph's time to go...Hines outdid himself!! And Chelsea was incredible!! Kirstie has consistently grown in her abilities!! So that leaves Ralph, the underdog, to go home tomorrow nite. The Cha-Cha competition was good too! I rather enjoyed that!  Then I watched season finales of HIMYM, which was good!!! And Mad Love, which is really growing on me! and Mike & Molly, which is super funny!!!! Then Castle...oh my word that had me on the edge of my seat!! Hard to concentrate on knitting when you're that wrapped up in what's going on in the longstanding case! Sheesh the ending about gave me a heart attack!! Now the dreaded 4 month wait to see how it pans out!

Til next time...God bless!

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