Sunday, May 22, 2011

I don't think its at all fair

That I get banned from going to a place I've never been too just because Howie knows I'll fall in love with it!! That'd be like me banning him from going to Cabela's....not gonna happen!!!

So where did he forbid me to go??

A nursery....not too far from here...that according to their website, looks AMAZING!!!!

This morning Howie got me up earlier than a normal sleep in for me, as he was off to get a yard of topsoil for my was the day!!!! Even tho its dirt, I was VERY excited! I'd found a place on craigslist that had it for 15/yd, which is fantastic! Why on earth (get it?) did I buy bags of topsoil before!?!?! Its highway robbery!

Anyway, the place I sent him to was he had me search online to find a place closer to home and send him the info. I found this place, Pine Creek Nursery, and sent him the info after verifying that they did indeed have topsoil and they took debit. DONE! He was home shortly after that and had a truck bed full of dirt! Beautiful dark brown dirt! He came in the house and told me "You're never allowed to go there!" HA! He said it was amazing just walking around it...makes me wanna go even more now! You know, just to get the creative juices flowing! They also have gravel by the yard, but that'll have to wait til next year.

Since today was also an Avon day for me, I got ready to head out and made lunches for me and Howie before leaving. When I left, Howie and both kids were shoveling dirt...him off the truck, and the kids in the garden...they were "helping" him. Perfect! I got outta there before I got too involved in watching this gorgeous earth go into my space.

I got my stuff done about 5 and headed back for Monroe, only to stop at Freddy's and do the grocery shopping before the ads change tomorrow...and I needed gas desperately! I finally got home about 6:30 and Howie had the bbq heated and put the steaks on to grill....I got the cold stuff put away and got the cauliflower ready to steam. Then went and got the rest of the stuff from the truck to put away. Howie was of no help to me as he'd tweaked his back in the last couple shovel-fuls of dirt...not a happy camper! Poor guy! At least it wasn't raining out and the kids were outside for most of the day!

In fact, as soon as his last mouthful was swallowed, DJ was back out there with the boys playing. Sam was ticked at me for not letting her go too...especially when DJ came in and asked if he could have an ice cream sandwich....oh the tears she produced!!! Rootbeer calmed some of it down, but she still copped an attitude with me. I put a stop to that right away and got her in the bath....her nails were FILTHY!!! Even the scrub brush wasn't doing the trick, so I had to clean them with my nails, she didn't care for that much. Dirty boy was next....I swear, his feet will not be clean til September at this rate!!!

Once they were in bed I sat down for the first time was after 9!!! Howie was watching some show on Sawfish in Australia...and went to bed as soon as it was done. So I watched the episode of Army Wives from last week and then watched a Lifetime movie I'd dvr'd at some point. Enjoyed it, but it was predictable...easy to knit to! lol Now, I gotta go make a lunch for Howie to take tomorrow before I hit the sack!

Til next time...God bless!

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